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  1. Got 'em! As a side note, my wife and I are building a house in Oswego IL and our lot backs up to a pond/lake. I walked around the edge today and to my surprise I already saw some of these guys... If there are bass in the pond they will surely be munching on these flies! -Forrest
  2. Holy cow these are awesome! I got mine. -Forrest
  3. I tie with a Pro Lite. Its cree, so it mimicks daylight. You have the option to put it on the vise or use it with its stand. It also has the magnifier. I think I paid 119. Best investment ever. -Forrest
  4. Got mine! Yahoooooooo! Now, where is there saltwater near Illinois?? -Forrest
  5. I will tie up scuds as they are freshwater shrimp if that is ok... -Forrest
  6. One person hosts the swap. ie swapmaster Usually 12 people are in a swap plus the swapmaster Each person ties up a dozen of the fly of their choosing based on the type of swap. example for a dry fly swap I would tie up 12 BWO's and send them to the swapmaster The swapmaster divides up the flies and you get back 12 different patterns -Forrest
  7. I put your flies in the mail this morning!!!! You all should start to see them by Tuesday for some of you. -Forrest
  8. Kevin, great set of flies! Watch out smallies here we come! -Forrest
  9. Has anyone heard from CrookedHook? Everyone else's flies are in. If I do not hear from Crookedhook before tomorrow morning I will divide the flies and send them out. I sent him a PM about a week ago but have not heard from him. -Forrest
  10. Flies are due in three days and we still do not have two sets in. Guys, when will you be mailing them? -Forrest
  11. I only use the steel shaft bobbins for wire and lead.... -Forrest
  12. Variety is the spice of life. Send 'em how you fish 'em! -Forrest
  13. Sweet!!!!!! That worked! Or hold down the Ctrl Key and press the minus-key until the font size suits you. If you go too far, holding down the Ctrl-Key and pressing the plus- key will increase the font sizes.
  14. Steve, what setting do I need to check? I am using firefox. When I use IE the problem goes away. Thanks for the help! -Forrest The only site where the large font appears is this one....
  15. Anyone else having the problem where the size of font on this site is way larger than normal? -Forrest
  16. If you send 9 you will get one of your own back. Send 8 and you wont get one of yours back. -Forrest What about the ones that have theres in now. Do I need 12 to match or 8. Kevin If you send 12 I can mix and match some from the others that sent 12. You will get back as many as you send.... -Forrest
  17. My submission will be a size 18 Parachute Blue Wing Olive... -Forrest
  18. If you send 9 you will get one of your own back. Send 8 and you wont get one of yours back. -Forrest
  19. I put mine in the mail this morning. -Forrest
  20. What is the problem with the printed postage. I have used it with every swap I have done. I also asked my post office and they didnt know what the problem is either. Can you explain please. Kevin The ones with a date printed on them are not valid I am told. As long as they dont have a date they will take them. I am not sure.... -Forrest
  21. So everyone is still on track with sending in a dozen? I think that sounds like a great idea! -Forrest
  22. Anyone claimed the last spot in this one? -Forrest <-------willing participant!
  23. Put me down for a Carp Worm. -Forrest
  24. I don't think they send you anything back. They just record your info and if any problems arise they have it on file.... -Forrest
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