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  1. Open it up to a dozen people and set a sign up deadline of two weeks from when you start the thread. At that point close it off to anyone joining. That way it gives everyone who wants in a chance, but at the same time people that like to sit down and tie their flies in one night dont have to make a dozen if only 8 are needed. I think a carp swap will go over really well and the response will be good. -Forrest
  2. Bassbuster, go ahead and start another thread and include those of us that are interested. Carp flies sounds like fun! If you would, please make the due date towards the end of April... -Forrest
  3. Thats cool. I think he dropped out of the Bluegill monthly swap club too, or at least never sent flies... Hope he is okay. -Forrest
  4. How is everyone coming along? Who needs my address? I am almost done with mine! -Forrest
  5. Here is my offering for the swap. Enjoy! -Forrest Size 10 scud hook Blue craft foam Large Mono eyes Wing is pearl midge flash and parapost material Damselfly blue superfine dubbing
  6. Here is my offering for this swap. Enjoy! -Forrest Gurgler Size 6 AFF200R Tail: Black Bucktail Flash: Red Krystal Flash Abdomen: Black bugger chenille, Black hackle Foam Body (2mm Black craft foam)
  7. I could not agree more. I have this book and it is very informative. -Forrest
  8. im in first time swap just started tying so hope thats okay thinkingwhite miller/ light cahill pic is off a website mine will likely be slightly different it seems to work well http://www.flybass.c...rns.html#Whites Welcome to the world of swapping flies. What size are you going to make this? -Forrest
  9. I have the Pro Light, which has an LED light on one arm and then on the other arm has a 4x magnifier. I love it! It makes all the difference when you are tying size 18 and below... -Forrest
  10. I think I will go ahead and close the swap. For those of you who already sent flies, you will get back the ones that aren't used..... -Forrest
  11. Sherri, you are fine, they will accept the ones that do not have a barcode on them.... -Forrest Sorry I think that was me, let me know what I owe you and I will mail it to you.
  12. Guys/Gals, I received four sets of flies yesterday. SherriB, Heavynets, Jimboha, and Eaglerapids. Wonderful flies! Also, since there are a couple first time swappers in this one, please, when you send in your return envelopes, make sure that the post office does not print a stamp for you as those are not good for return postage. You should have them put regular stamps in the amount you require on the return envelope. -Forrest
  13. I agree. If it is bass then cap it at 15 maximum..... -Forrest
  14. Ok I will play. Count me in! -Forrest
  15. Any "clouser" fly..... There are many more than just the Clouser deep minnow.... -Forrest
  16. Its all bought and paid for right? Put it in an air tight container and let it sit til you want to revisit it again. You will not get out of it what you have in it, plus if you do decide to tie again your wife will complain till the cows come home when you spend mucho money getting set up again. Just my $.02. -Forrest
  17. Thanks Sherri! What I do if a swap does not fill up is that everyone ties as if the swap is full. If it doesnt fill up, then I divide the flies up equally so that everyone gets back a dozen. Thanks! -Forrest
  18. I am still on the fence with this one, as I have never tied adult damselflies before... -Forrest
  19. Ratdz's flies came in yesterday. Great fly! -Forrest
  20. I think I shall start a new fly box for this club's flies! Great flies guys/gals! -Forrest
  21. WOOHOOO I'm glad they made it across the "big pond"! -Forrest
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