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  1. Anyone else want in on this one? It is still open! -Forrest
  2. Sherri, At any time you need help feel free to post a pic of what you have. We can all chip in and provide help. Thanks for sticking in there! -Forrest
  3. Done! I figured this would be a good way for us to all challenge ourselves as there are not a ton of Helgie patterns out there. Let me know if you come up with a particular pattern name. -Forrest Actually I searched the data base for a pattern and think I should bow out. They look extremely hard and I am not that great of a tyer, afraid wouldn't be fair to the others in the swap Sherri, Don't give up yet. Search the internet and see what you come up with. There are easier patterns out there. Let me know what you decide. If you need help, send me a PM. -Forrest
  4. Done! I figured this would be a good way for us to all challenge ourselves as there are not a ton of Helgie patterns out there. Let me know if you come up with a particular pattern name. -Forrest
  5. I looked on the usps website and it will cost you around 3 dollars to send the flies there from the USA if you ship it the slowest way. I think it usually takes around 10 - 15 business days to get something to Australia. -Forrest
  6. Dave, there are 7 tiers total in this one, so you will need to tie up 7 of each of your two flies for a total of 14. One extra person was added....
  7. Bass absolutely love Hellgramites, so let's do a swap where we all tie up our favorite version of the Hellgramite. Due date will be March 15, 2012. First 12 are in. Everyone please tie up 12 flies. You will not get one of your own back. Please include toetags on your flies and include a self addressed stamped envelope with enough postage to cover the return of the flies. Your flies will be returned in whatever container you send them to me in. All swap rules apply. SWAP CLOSED -Forrest Forrest - Swapmiester - Clousers Hellgrammite -DONE 1)Knightstalker - Hellgramite Nymph -RECEIVED 2)Eaglerapids - Murray's Strymph -RECEIVED 3)CrookedHook - Dobson Larvae 4)sherrib - RECEIVED 5)Ratdz - Might Mite Hellgrammite -RECEIVED 6)Easternfly RECEIVED 7)heavynets - Hellgrammite String Fly -RECEIVED 8)Jimboha - Dougherty's Hellgramaniac-RECEIVED Bill Siemers is going to join us. He is sending in a dozen. I mistakenly missed seeing where he said he was in. I will divide the flies up equally and send them out.RECEIVED
  8. I took out this spider pic, as I retied them. -Forrest
  9. Sawyers Killer Bug Size 10 Nymph Hook Small Gold Wire Chadwicks 477 Yarn Enjoy! -Forrest
  10. Pink Scuds (dead ones) Size 12 Scud Hook (Use size 10 - 18) Silver wire Clear Scud back Dubbing (mix of pink antron and pink ice dub) Tan thread Enjoy! -Forrest
  11. You should have gotten mine by now...... -Forrest
  12. WARNING! WARNING! WARNING! This has to be a thread started by the wives against fly tying....... Don't tell your secrets!!! -Forrest
  13. I'm cool with it. We are going to pay the same for postage so sure! -Forrest
  14. Hey bg, I need your address so I can send the flies in. I am sick today with a cold but have been a ninja at the tying bench, between cough drops. Usually bourbon is my drink of choice while tying but today it has been water.... I know, must be sick right? I will put em in the mail on Monday. I am also going to send in flies for the Bluegill swap. I tied up the flies for January and February bluegill swap club today too! -Forrest
  15. I will play even though I live about a bazillion miles away from any flats. Well, there are flats in Lake Michigan here in the USA but they fish for carp on those. Anyways, I am currently reading Bob Clouser's "Fly fishing for bass in streams and rivers" right now and he mentioned the Clouser Minnow being universal with both fresh and saltwater. I will tie two different Clouser Minnows. I would like your suggestions though. What would you guys prefer? Options below: 1) Same size and color, but one with bead chain eyes the other with lead eyes (slow and fast sinking) 2) Same color but 2 different sizes (small and large) 3) Same size but 2 different colors (bright and natural) Please let me know what you would prefer! This will give me an excuse to order some more buck tails.... Thanks, Forrest
  16. Hello everyone, This is the last update from me about this swap. I contacted the last swapper about the flies on Tuesday of this week and have not heard back anything from that person. Therefore, with it being a month past the due date I made the executive decision to go ahead and get your flies back to you. Everyone is still getting back 12 flies. You will be getting back one of your own and two from another randomly selected swapper so that everyone gets 12 back. Sorry for this taking so long! This was a great set of flies. Everyone of them looks like dinner! Thanks to everyone for participating. I just took the flies to the post office about 30 minutes ago so they are on their way. -Forrest
  17. Everyone, I wanted to provide another update on the swap. Everyone's flies are in with the exception of Margaret's. She has been having some issues with flies disappearing in the mail. I have sent her an email and will await her reply as she had said she was going to start putting tracking numbers on the packages. I leave for a business trip tomorrow and will have my wife keep me updated on whether or not the flies show up. I apologize for the inconvenience, but the flies that you will be getting back will make the wait seem worthwhile! -Forrest
  18. Tomorrow I will be sending out the flies for the Crawfish swap that I am hosting currently. I am thinking about doing a hellgramite swap for my next one. Would you be interested in that? -Forrest
  19. Do any of you use this zippo hand warmer thing? I got one for Christmas and was wondering if anyone else uses one. Looks pretty cool, but I don't have any fuel for it yet so I haven't tried it out. I think it will be great for spring creek fishing when snow is still on the ground! Opinions? -Forrest
  20. I will play. I will tie scuds this time as they are a major producer of fish on the streams of Wisconsin. -Forrest
  21. I will tie up some foam spiders. Easy tie, but bluegills love 'em! -Forrest
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