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  1. My flies are in the mail. Post office said it would take 5 to 10 days to get to you. -Forrest
  2. Like a goofball, I forgot to put toetags on my flies. I apologize for that.... -Forrest
  3. Bethke's Pink Squirrels are ready to fly as soon as I get the address from the swapmaster. These flies are deadly on the spring creeks in Wisconsin's Driftless Area. Here is a link to an article written by John Bethke himself. http://www.couleeregiontu.org/Tips.html I truly hope you guys enjoy fishing these flies. This is one of the best flies in Wisconsin. Recipe: Tail: Krystal Flash or Flashabou Gold Rib (Optional) Body: Squirrel Dubbing Collar: Pink Chenille or Pink Dubbing (Your choice) Brass Bead Scud hook (12,14,or 16). The flies I am sending are size 12
  4. My pattern will be Bethke's Pink Squirrel. -Forrest
  5. M&M Minnows are in the mail. -Forrest
  6. The M&M Minnows are all finished up. Hook: Size 8 Eagle Claw Jig Hook Bead Chain Eyes (Small) Midge flash (Pearl) White Marabou Chartreuse Marabou
  7. Can you please sign me up? Thanks! Forrest
  8. That is cool. I am new here and I didn't know how it works. I won't hi-jack your thread anymore. Sorry for the confusion. Please let me know if you need an alternate. I can take an evening and tie up a dozen if you need me to. -Forrest
  9. Can I get in on this, please? Thanks! Forrest
  10. I haven't gotten mine yet, but hopefully they come today. -Forrest
  11. M&M Minnow should go under the name famill00 on the first page as a heads up.... Thanks, Forrest
  12. How do I get in on the monthly fly swap? Thanks! -Forrest
  13. Ok I have decided on a fly. I am going to tie a size 8 M&M Minnow. It is kinda a cross between a clouser and a jig. It is tied on a jig style hook with bead chain eyes, two colors marabou and midge flash. It is a hot little fly! SM, if you would please update the first page to reflect my choice of fly. -Forrest
  14. Foam Beetles are done and in the mail. SM please look for them later in the week! -Forrest
  15. Hi-Vis Foam Beetles are done! They will be on the way to the SM soon as I get his addy. I am new to the swaps and have only been tying since January, but I am really enjoying these swaps. I can't wait to get the flies back. -Forrest
  16. I am in on this one! I will decide in the next couple days what I am going to tie. -Forrest
  17. Mine are in the mail as of 4pm today. Some of the parachute adams have different tails than others. I was experimenting... Anyways, I hope you all like! -Forrest
  18. Please sign me up for a size 12 hi vis foam beetle! Thanks, Forrest
  19. I will second what others have said about proportions. One thing that you seem to be doing well is not crowding the eye. This is very important when the flies get really small. 7X tippet is hard to get through a crowded eye! -Forrest
  20. I have the Traveler. I will say that the Peak comes with the heaviest base on the market, which is a plus. I think it is 6 in one hand and a half dozen in the other when comparing the two. $50 dfference could get you a nice tool set (Dr. Slick). -Forrest
  21. So, how many of these should I tie up? I am thinking we each tie up a dozen and then they get divided equally amongst the tiers? -Forrest
  22. Hello Guys/Gals, I have been posting on another forum for a while now and saw a blip about this one. I am new to tying. I started in January and have been addicted ever since. I am 28 and live in the suburbs of Chicago. I would like to get in on this swap with a size 14 parachute adams. This will be my first swap on this site, and I have read the rules of the swaps. Please let me know if you are willing to let a newbie into the mix! I am looking forward to all the swaps on here. Thanks, Forrest
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