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  1. I got one set yesterday. I am not sure if it is the first or second set, but I have one set. I will put toe tags on them and send them out to everyone on Monday. -Forrest
  2. Zach, still no flies today. If they are not here tomorrow July 12th, I am going to ship out what I have. Did you get a tracking number on the second set by chance? -Forrest
  3. Zach, still no flies today. What state are they coming from? -Forrest
  4. No not yet. I am hoping they will today! -Forrest
  5. Zach, sent you a PM, but your first set did not arrive. I will look for the second set and return one set if both happen to show up. -Forrest
  6. How are you guys doing? I updated the list with the flies I have. -Forrest
  7. HEY!! Whats wrong with tying letf handed. I do it all the time Kevin Kevin, I knew there was something different about your flies! LOL Totally kidding! -Forrest
  8. No worries, I tagged them for you. -Forrest
  9. I sent the flies back to everyone (except Rich) today. -Forrest
  10. Everyone's flies are here! The last set arrived on 6/1. Thanks guys for the efforts of getting your flies in on time. This is the time of year when we are out using them, so it is nice to have them all in on time. Joman, as you requested I will send your flies to you this month. Please send me a message with the address you would like me to ship them to. Rich, we will try and meet up and go fishing here in the next week or two. My work schedule has been crazy of late, but hopefully I can sneak away for an evening sometime soon. I will deliver your flies when we meet. Again, thanks to each of you for continuing to provide great flies. -Forrest
  11. First page has been updated. Two sets to go then they will be on their way back to you. -Forrest
  12. BFT I mailed the flies to you on Thursday. You should have them well before the deadline -Forrest
  13. BB, I mailed my flies on Thursday. I sent flies for May, June, July, and August. They are all clearly marked and I included a stamped envelope for each month. Thanks! -Forrest
  14. Kevin, I mailed the flies on Thursday. It is a variation of the Clouser Swimming Nymph. -Forrest
  15. Kevin, I finished my flies up this morning. I will get them in the mail this week. I tied a Clouser Swimming Nymph. -Forrest
  16. Alright guys, May is upon us. What are you all tying this month? Kevin, what would you like for me to list as the name of your fly? -Forrest
  17. I changed my Clouser Minnow to a yellow/yellow with gold flash Clouser Minnow. These are tied very sparsely, which is how we fish them here in Northern IL. I need an address and I will get them out! -Forrest
  18. Well, guess who's flies showed up today? Rich's! Rich I have no idea where they traveled to before they got to my house, but they are here. Unfortunately, I already sent out the others yesterday so you all will be getting Rich's ISA Bug with next months flies. Sorry for the mix up everyone! -Forrest
  19. Okay everyone I went ahead and sent out the flies. Rich's flies apparently got lost on the 30 mile trek from his house to mine, so he is going to re-tie and you will get his crawdads next month. I think you all are going to really like this selection of mud bugs! -Forrest
  20. Rich, I still haven't gotten them.... Please let me know if you sent them. -Forrest
  21. Welcome to the club! They will all catch fish. All to often we get too tied up on how pretty our flies are. -Forrest
  22. I will play! 1) White/Chartreuse Clouser 2) Popper (All White) 3) Bully Bluegill Spider (Black)
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