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  1. Kevin, I will play! Pattern TBD. -Forrest
  2. Got mine today! Awesome ties everyone. -Forrest
  3. Kevin, I would love to help you out but if I were to tie any of these I would have to buy a boat load of new materials that I do not have for flies that I will never fish so I think I am going to have to pass..... -Forrest
  4. Kevin, help me out here, what would be a "beginner" pattern that a guy could tie??? I have never tied Spey Flies...
  5. I need an address too. I should finish mine up today or tomorrow. -Forrest
  6. Kevin, Very interesting design. Looking forward to fishing it. I expect it to move on the water very erratically when "popped".... I have wanted to try it on the pond out back, but with the wind I think I would need an 18 weight rod to cast effectively.... -Forrest
  7. You guys should have your flies back by now..... -Forrest
  8. Just go to a different drug store. I bet you will find someone to give/sell you a needle. Seems to work for all the crackheads.... -Forrest
  9. Looking forward to these. You can never have too many spiders in the 'gill box... -Forrest
  10. I will be tying a Sparkle Bully Bluegill Spider. -Forrest
  11. I tied a foam spider. I know it is a simple pattern, but it is simply one of the best producers out there for 'gills. So, tie it on and get ready for nonstop action! -Forrest
  12. I am going to try and tie a Catalpa Worm. I have never tied them before, but the Wilson's have on in their book that I am going to give a go. -Forrest
  13. I tied a #16 Bethke's Pink Squirrel. -Forrest
  14. Your flies are on their way back to you. Joman and Rich, I have your flies per your requests. Smokies fishing report: 3/28 Fished with Guide (Rob Fightmaster) - Sunny, but chilly. Water temps 44-48, few bugs, caught a few fish. 3/29 Fished alone. Rainy, chilly, very cloudy. Only caught a couple 3/30 Fished alone. Warmer! Sunnier! Water temps 48-51. Best day of fishing while I was there. Caught alot of fish, but nothing of much size. 6" biggest fish. Lots 4-5" These are extremely fast fish. I missed way fewer than I caught. -Forrest
  15. The last set of flies are in! I am on a business trip so I will have the flies sorted and back to y'all on Saturday. -Forrest
  16. Did you PM the host of the swap? I would start that way. Kevin Ratdz, Some people have already sent in flies for the months ahead, so adding another person would really complicate things. We decided to keep this small this year since it is the first year. Next year maybe we can do 10 swappers each month... -Forrest
  17. I have everyone's flies except for eugward's, which I expect any time this week. I have a confession to make. For the past few days I have been on the trout streams of the Great Smoky Mountain National Park. I had been tying like crazy to be prepared for that trip, and I do not have my poppers done. I will do my best to finish them up this morning as I am working from home today. I then have a business trip this week and will not be home until Wed or Thurs, so it may be Fri/Sat before I get your flies back out to you, but I will get them back to you as fast as possible. -Forrest
  18. Byron, these clubs usually start up around Nov/Dec of the prior year. There are a few going on here. What you are signing up for is 12 months of swaps. Due to the materials consumed in alot of these flies, we decided to keep it to 6 people this year. Next year we may expand to 10... Keep your eyes peeled for next year, or if someone needs to drop out I will post a thread on here asking for a replacement....at which time you could grab that spot for the rest of the year. -Forrest
  19. Hey guys, how are your flies going for this month? I have heard from Easternfly and Rich mc. Joman sent his in earlier in the year. How is everyone else doing? I myself am a little behind this month due to a fly fishing trip to the Smoky Mountains in TN. I will spend some extra time at the vise this weekend while waiting on new furniture to be delivered and try to get caught up. I will let y'all know when I get mine done. -Forrest
  20. I tied a soft hackle. Always thought bout them, never tied them. -Forrest
  21. Size 18 Yellow Foam Back Humpy. -Forrest
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