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  1. I have updated the original post with the sizes you guys have submitted. -Forrest
  2. Guys, I have added the pics of this months flies to the original post. Thank you all for being on time and for tying some excellent flies this month! -Forrest
  3. Christopher, look at the first post. You are on the list. Looks like to me you are in... -Forrest
  4. Guys, I got the last set in the mail today. I already had all the others divided up, so I divided the last set, sealed the envelopes, and went to the post office and dropped them off. RichMC, I have your flies in your box. Let me know what you want to do about getting them. I am assuming you will want me to just hold on to them since its too cold to fish in Chicagoland. Joman, your flies are being held in my basement as we had arranged. I will post pictures of the flies sometime this weekend hopefully. -Forrest
  5. I will play. Krebs Popper, foam, that's all I know for now... -Forrest
  6. Well, it is official, I have booked a trip to East TN the last week of March. Base camp will be Morristown TN, at my in-laws house. I just got a new Winston GVX 7' 6" 3wt with a little Hardy click reel. I have been spending more time in the basement tying flies than I probably should. I am going to fish with Rob Fightmaster on the first day down, then take my father in law (who doesn't fly fish, but bought an outfit and is going to be practicing) along for a couple days of fishing. Do any of you all fish the GSMNP? All the years I have been going down there to East TN, and this is the first time I will be fishing the Smokies. I. Can't. Wait! -Forrest
  7. I got Yetavon's flies today, sorted all the flies, and shipped them out in time for them to be on their way to you tonight. In my hurry, I forgot to label my own flies. So, the Red and White Seaducers are from the swapmeister. This was a really great swap with a lot of nice flies. Let me know when you guys get them. -Forrest
  8. Feb, Mar, and Apr flies are in the mail to you as of this afternoon. Let me know when you get 'em! -Forrest
  9. Mine are in the mail as of late this afternoon. -Forrest
  10. Yeah I checked the mail twice today before I realized the mailman wasn't running today.... -Forrest
  11. Oops! Sorry about that. Keep the container and send the flies in the envelope please. Thanks! The plastic container took a beating in the mail anyways and is pretty cracked up.... -Forrest
  12. Yesterday brought two more sets of flies. Flyrodman and Zachxbass your flies arrived safely. Yetavon is the only one we are waiting on, and he has messaged me that his intention is to tie his flies today and get them in the mail either today or Monday. He has had a run of bad luck this past month. I think January was rough for alot of us. Anyways, this is a great looking bunch of flies! Flyrodman, your container that you sent does not fit in the return envelope you provided, so am I supposed to keep that container and just throw the flies in the envelope? -Forrest
  13. I received two sets today. You guys are sweet, just in time for Valentine's Day! (Just kidding). Anyways, that leaves us with 3 sets that are out. If any of the three remaining people have an update, please let the rest of the group know. I expect that the good ole usps system was probably slower than what it should have been on a couple sets... -Forrest
  14. I have determined that you guys tie way more complicated flies for bluegill than I do...... However, I can assure you that my submissions, as "simple" as they may be, will slay some slab bluegill! -Forrest
  15. Got 'em a couple days ago! -Forrest
  16. Feb, March, and April will be in the mail to you this weekend. -Forrest
  17. So, how about some pics of those flies you have tied up???? -Forrest
  18. Anyone else got theirs yet? I mailed them last Saturday so I think they should have all arrived by now.... -Forrest
  19. Zach, such is life man. Just put 'em in the normal mail. You still got time -Forrest
  20. Anyone get their flies today? I figure these should start showing up soon. Of course, that is until our good 'ole USPS goes to a 3 day work week.... -Forrest
  21. I just sat down and finished up my floating minnows this afternoon. I am trying to capitalize on being off the road for a few days. -Forrest
  22. I was wondering how many of you use "watershed" on your dry flies? I am assuming that even if you do use it you still use Gink or something of that sort when you are using the fly? Thanks for the help! -Forrest
  23. Guys, sorry to be a bit delayed on getting the pics up of these. I have spent more nights in hotels than I have at home the past few weeks. Anyways, here are the pictures, and I will work on posting each recipe with the photos in the next few nights. -Forrest Zachxbass Easternfly Rich mc Eugward Joman Famill00
  24. Thanks BB, that makes it alot easier to follow! I hear ya on work. I have spent more days on the road in January than I did at home. -Forrest
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