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  1. I tied size 18 red Brassie's. These flies are simple, yet they are a major producer, especially in red. -Forrest
  2. Troutguy, your flies arrived today! Everyone else, just an FYI, there are 10 days remaining until this swap is due. Where do those of you who have not sent in your flies stand? Keep in mind they are due in my hands by the 14th, not just in the mail. -Forrest
  3. BB, would it be possible for you to put each tyer's name on the first post and what they are tying? Then you can update when they are received too.. I think it helps alot of people out if they don't have to dig through the threads. This is what I myself do on the monthly smb/lmb swap. I think its how you did it last year too... Maybe it will keep us from getting duplicates, if nothing else. Also, I am going to be tying a green weenie, unweighted for this months swap. I am going to make them with the little loop tail. A true bluegill/bream killer! -Forrest
  4. Oh what the heck, I don't know what color, not that I guess it matters much, but I figure these will take about two seconds to tie... So sure, I'm in! -Forrest
  5. What do you use for body material?? -Forrest
  6. famill00

    UV Glue

    +1 for UV Knot Sense. Love the stuff... -Forrest
  7. I have a bazillion different bluegill flies in my box. I always tie on a Bully Bluegill Spider first, then a foam spider, then a popper. If I don't catch anything I might as well go home. Welcome to the world of tying! -Forrest
  8. First, welcome! Second, there is no reason that won't catch any bluegill in the water.... -Forrest
  9. Guys, I really like the variety we have for this month! Looking forward to the flies. -Forrest
  10. Everyone, the flies have been mailed. Luckily, I had the post office lady check to make sure if each package had enough postage. Apparently, the good ole usps has raised prices, again.... Anyways, some people were a bit short, which is no big deal at all, I am just glad I caught it! Please make sure to account for this change in rates in the months to come. Joman, your package was $7.35 to go to Canada. If you would like to tie up a few months in advance and send them in one package that would be fine with me. I can store them in my basement with no problem. If you want me to send them to you every other month, or just wait until warmer weather to send them I can do that. PM me and we can work out a schedule that fits you best. If you want them every month that is cool too, I was just thinking that if you can save a few bucks you may want to do that. Luvinbluegills, would you like me to put you down as an alternate in case some one has to drop out? Based on the votes at the end of last year, I think most of the guys wanted to keep this one at 6 people total due to the time/materials the larger flies take. -Forrest
  11. All the flies have been divided up and put in their packages to be sent back to you all. I will get them to the post office today. Later today, or tomorrow, I will take pictures and post them to the thread here with the recipes as promised. An extra thanks to those of you who sent extras. I can't wait to fish these pigboats this summer. Rich mc, are you going to be at the Sandwich IL show this afternoon? We are having a couch delivered between 1230 and 330, but as soon as it is delivered my wife and I are heading over to the show. I will bring your flies with me. -Forrest
  12. My wife informed me that flies from "Eugene" arrived today. So, eugward, I assume that is you? This would mean that all the flies are in! -Forrest
  13. I have been on a business trip, but will return home tomorrow. Hopefully they are there when I arrive. Where did you ship them from?? -Forrest
  14. Blane, did you look through everything I sent? Everything look good? I'm glad they made it! I tried to make it as simple on you as possible. There are 13 flies in each of the little boxes. I will hit you up with some extras when I send in the rest of them. Just to make sure, we need to send in a minimum of 13 each month and not get one of our own back, correct? The reason I ask is because a couple posts back there is now a list of 15 people... I have already turned in flies for the first 6 months, and I was unaware that we added anymore people other than Riff, so if that is the case I am short one each month....... -Forrest
  15. No I dont. Its an original pattern and I never thought of one. Kevin I will call it "Eastern's #1" -Forrest
  16. What do you think of them? Kevin Kevin, I had not yet opened them when I posted that they had arrived! I got the mail, posted here, then went to pack for a business trip. I just went down to the basement and opened up the box. The pigboat flies look really great! Where did you get that rubber? The clouser flies look awesome too. I am not sure what material that is? Maybe some Puglisi fiber? Thanks for the extras! They will be used this summer for sure. -Forrest
  17. Kevin, you have a name for the fly you sent in for Feb? I would like to update the original post. Thanks! -Forrest
  18. Blane, In each of the sets of flies I sent to you for Jan thru June is one toe tag that has two flies in it. These were meant to be your "extras". Now one of those will become Riff's fly, leaving you no extras. I will make this up to you in the upcoming months! -Forrest
  19. I have already tied 13 for every month Jan thru June, so if Riff can get back in and Blane doesn't mind giving the "extra" to Riff, I would like to see Riff be back in. I am sending in 6 months of flies to Blane though so I would prefer if he stay the swapmaster... Blane, if you end up giving your "extra" to Riff for the first 6 months of this swap, I will more than make up for it for your efforts for the rest of the year! -Forrest
  20. Not a problem. I had a busy month with family issues this past month myself. Totally understand. -Forrest
  21. For December, those of us in the SMB/LMB tying club are going to be tying our Favorite Fly. What was your best producer this past season? Tie that fly! All swap rules apply: * Send your flies in a container that is crushproof. Keep in mind that some of these flies may be larger than the ones you send in. Please send an appropriate size container. *Toetag your flies with your screen name and the name of the fly. Also put on there "LMB/SMB Club" because it will help keep these flies separate from any other swaps. * Include a self addressed stamped envelope for the return of your flies. Please do NOT send something that is metered. You must use real stamps or the post office will not accept it. I know, stupid rule on their part, but we have to follow it. * Either post the recipe here or PM it to me. I will, each month, photo each fly and put the recipe with it on this thread. 1) Me - Swapmaster - DONE 2) Eugward 3) Eastern fly - RECEIVED 4) Joman - Similar to Pigboat - RECEIVED 5) Rich mc - RECEIVED -Forrest
  22. For November, those of us in the SMB/LMB tying club are going to be tying Tube Flies. This is the month that will probably be one of the more challenging for most. For this topic, Eastern Fly will be our resident expert as he is the one who requested we tie up tube flies for the swap. I know he has tied up tube flies in the past and will be happy to answer our questions posted here. The concept of tube flies makes sense. The fly separates from the hook, allowing the fly to not be damaged as quickly. Also, you can use a shorter shank hook, thus, in theory, making it harder for the fish to throw the hook. If you are in need of a tube fly attachment for your vice, they can be found really cheap on fleabay. I bought one of these about 3 years ago and have yet to use it. Plan ahead for this month, as you may need to order some supplies. Please include the hook that is intended to be used with your fly. 1) Me - Swapmaster - Tube Popper 3) Eugward - RECEIVED 4) Eastern fly - RECEIVED 5) Joman - RECEIVED 6) Rich mc - RECEIVED -Forrest
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