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  1. All flies are due to me by the last day of the month. I suggest everyone mail them out at least 5 days prior to that so they can have time to make it to me. I will photograph the flies each month and post them to the thread for that month. I will in turn get them back in the mail to you no later than the third day of the following month. -Forrest
  2. Where I got this idea while I was on vacation visiting my inlaws down in TN this past week. They fish this fly for smallies down there alot. The guy at the fly shop ( 3 rivers fly shop) said they fish them on a sink tip line. Apparently when a Clouser Minnow isn't working, this is the fly that catches the fish. This is a really simple tie, but where the fun begins is how you color them. I look forward to fishing them this year. Also, Kevin, if you would like to make any more additions for the remaining months, please feel free to throw something out there. I know you are a warmwater guru! -Forrest
  3. Flyrodman, Thanks for your quick reply. We have one double bunny already so if you could tie that leech that would be awesome! Thanks for joining! I see you are new here, so first, welcome! And second, if you have any questions feel free to send me a PM or contact me here. -Forrest
  4. Riffleriversteelheader had to drop out due to some family issues. Therefore, we need one more to fill this swap. First one with "I'm in" gets the last spot! -Forrest
  5. As rich mc said, I too bump them on the bottom over the rocks.... -Forrest
  6. This thread will act as the SMB/LMB swap club general directory. You will find here a category of fly that will be swapped each month. Please feel free to make suggestions on what else you would like to see come from this swap. I want us to all make these decisions together. This swap is capped at 6 swappers because of the time and materials that these larger flies will require over the year. January - Pig Boat Flies (google it) February - Anything Clouser March - Poppers April - Crayfish May - Articulated Streamer June - Any "Classic" Fly July - Hopper August - Wiggle Minnows (google it) September - Hellgramite October - Mouse November - Tube Fly December - Tie your favorite SMB/LMB Fly ***************These are all subject to change, except January because it is already upon us! Please let me know your suggestions!***************** Swappers: 1) Me - Swapmaster 2) Zachxbass 3) Eugward 4) Eastern fly 5) Joman 6) rich mc
  7. For January, those of us in the SMB/LMB tying club are going to be tying Calcasieu Pig Boat flies. If you have not tied this fly before, no worries! A quick Google search will lead you in the right direction. I have seen many variations of this fly, some with marabou tails, some with worm like tails, etc. Use your imagination! All swap rules apply: * Send your flies in a container that is crushproof. Keep in mind that some of these flies may be larger than the ones you send in. Please send an appropriate size container. *Toetag your flies with your screen name and the name of the fly. Also put on there "LMB/SMB Club" because it will help keep these flies separate from any other swaps. * Include a self addressed stamped envelope for the return of your flies. Do NOT send something that is metered. You must use real stamps or the post office will not accept it. I know, stupid rule on their part, but we have to follow it. * Either post the recipe here or PM it to me. I will, each month, photo each fly and put the recipe with it on this thread. When finished, send flies to: Forrest Miller "January Bass Swap" 4023 Hunt Club Drive Oswego IL 60543 1) Me - Swapmaster - Done - Got 'em 2) Zachxbass - Got 'em 3) Eugward - Received - Got 'em 4) Eastern fly - Received - Got 'em 5) Joman - Received - On hold at my house due to international postage rates 6) Rich mc - Received - Got 'em -Forrest
  8. Kevin, I have used these and they are deadly! They are just like the ole pig and jig. Please, everyone, look for signup on a different thread. -Forrest
  9. How about Calcasieu Pig Boat flies for January???? -Forrest
  10. Ok we will cap this at 6 of us. Everyone will send in 5 flies and you will not get one of your own back. Now, lets all make some suggestions on what the categories each month should be. My ideas: - Anything Clouser - Poppers - Crayfish - Articulated Streamer - Any "Classic" Fly - Hopper - Topwater (no popper/hopper) ??? What are others that you all would like to see or would you change any of these? I want us all to decide on the categories together. I figure since there will only be 6 we can work on this all together. -Forrest
  11. Kevin, I too think that 6 would be a good number based on the amount of materials and time the bigger flies take to tie.
  12. Ok I am glad to see that this has some interest. Would you all want to cap it at say 6 of us or maybe 10? Let's see how much interest we can get. -Forrest
  13. Something like that double bunny you are tying I would generally tie in a size 4 to 1/0, but it is totally up to you! The guidelines are so we don't get any micro flies for this one -Forrest '
  14. Alright guys/gals, I just wanted to let you know that I have been away for a few days. Well, I have not really been away, as I have monitored the thread from my phone but it's hard to update anything with fat fingers and a small screen. The original post has been updated with as much information as I have. I am happy to share with you all that the swap is full! I am looking forward to catching fish this Spring on each of your flies. Knightstalker and grey brook, if you guys could, please let me know what you plan to tie as soon as you decide. You two are the only ones that I have "TBA" on the original thread for. I know that it is a ways off, but I wanted to remind everyone that the due date is now February 14th, 2013. Please allow up to 7 days for your flies to make it to me by the 14th. This is a really well rounded swap as we have some new tiers and some very experienced ones. If at any point during the tying process if you newer guys/gals have any questions feel free to post them here on this thread. We are all here to help each other and are more than happy to do it! -Forrest
  15. Sounds good, please remember to make it "bass size"! I will update the list. -Forrest
  16. I'd prefer bluegill, personally. Size sounds great! I will update the list! -Forrest
  17. You guys are all in! There is room for one more spot. Who wants to round out the last space on this swap??? -Forrest
  18. Sounds good Steve. I will put you down. -Forrest
  19. Ditz, Do you want in on this swap? -Forrest
  20. Hey Riff, I will throw something in if you need one more to round out the group. I have been in tying mode the past couple days. I have had some "use it or lose it" vacation days from work. Let me know if you would like me to take the last spot. -Forrest
  21. Yetavon, I decided to let people tie what they want, but your Elks Hair Caddis would be welcomed. May I put you down as being in??? -Forrest
  22. Everyone please read: In order to try and get more interest in this swap, I have revamped the layout and also extended the due date by two weeks. If anyone else would like to participate in this swap for smallmouth/largemouth bass, please go ahead and jump in. I know there are some of you out there that tie great bass flies! Please feel free to tie your favorite bass fly, whether it be top water or subsurface. Thanks in advance for helping to fill this swap! -Forrest
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