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  1. I usually tie my crayfish in 4's and 6's, so you are good! Does your crayfish have a particular name? If not, it's ok, I just like to put the name of the flies in the original post if they have a name. -Forrest
  2. Oooook, which would you call it? Pick one that you think fits it best.... -Forrest
  3. SWAP IS FULL! Update: Last set of flies received 2.21.13. Flies were shipped back to you on 2.21.13 at 4pm. I have not hosted a swap in a while now, nor have I really had time to participate in any lately. My wife and I are finally settled into our new house, and I am looking forward to living 3 minutes from the river. I would like to host a swap for Bass, and I have included below a list of flies. If you would like to participate, please respond with the usual "I'm in". Due date is February 14, 2013 and all the regular swap rules apply. Everyone will tie up 12 flies and you will not get one of your own back. Please keep in mind to tie these flies in a size appropriate for bass. Everyone is welcome! When finished, please send flies to: 1) Surface minnow - P.G Beckett - Received 2) Popper - Joman - Received 3) Crayfish - SSC - Received 4) Classic Streamer - Me - "Red and White" - Done 5) Leech - Zachxbass - Received 6) Gurgler - utyer - Received - Got 'em 7) Elks Hair Caddis - yetavon - Received 8) EP Bluegill - BassBugn - Received 9) Bunny Leech - Flyrodman - Received 10) Olive/Silver Zonker - Troutguy - Received 11) Beadhead Wooly Bugger - BeginnerFlyTyer - Received 12) Frogs - Knightstalker - Received 13) Hellgramite - grey brook - Received
  4. On the forum we now have a monthly swap for bluegill, and another that is a mixed bag. I was wondering if any of you would be interested in a monthly swap for smallmouth/largemouth bass. I haven't thought about the details yet, but I was thinking 10 other tiers plus myself. I figure everyone send in 10 flies and not get one of your own back. I haven't really thought out all the details of what to tie for each month because I wanted to see if anyone was interested first. If you are interested, please let me know and I will add your name to a list here. If you express interest here, I will PM you before I put your name on an "Official" list to make sure you are committed to 12 swaps in 12 months! 1) Me - Swapmaster 2) Zachxbass 3) Eugward 4) Eastern fly 5) Joman 6)
  5. I got no flies Wednesday, but I am in Chicago so maybe you guys are closer to TX.... -Forrest
  6. This cracks me up. I will tie ya'll something up in a 22 or 24, but then again you will probably just lose it trying to thread a piece of 7x tippet thru it I will make up for the small hook by putting an extra large toe tag on it! -Forrest
  7. I'm in, if you will have me again. -Forrest
  8. No flies today. What was there response this afternoon? -Forrest
  9. To no surprise today, I got no flies in the mail. -Forrest
  10. I think part of the problem lies in the fact that these were all dropped off in one of those boxes outside a post office and not handed directly to a postal worker..... So, there probably isn't one person who can be singled out. I like your thinking though! -Forrest
  11. Still nothing in today's mail................. -Forrest
  12. Still nothing as of yesterday. Someone is going to have enough flies to last them the better part of the season! -Forrest
  13. I have been on a business trip this week, but was disappointed to not find any flies in the mailbox when I got home last night.... -Forrest
  14. Please let us have an update tomorrow after you talk to the post office(s). I do not think it is the amount of time that has upset anyone. Heck, I have all but stopped fishing in the Chicago area for the year. Instead, it is the lack of communication. At this point I (along with everyone else I am sure) would expect daily updates on your findings. It sounds like you may need to make calls to the post office every day until you are for sure this is all straightened out. I think it is important for us all to be kept very close in the loop in order for feelings not to get hurt. Everyone I am sure would be more understanding if we knew what was going on and were given more updates. I for one have never doubted that I would get the flies (eventually) as I have swapped with you many times, but I will say that if I had a swap I was leading and knew that things weren't going smoothly, I would make darn sure that I check in with folks on a daily basis. Just my 2 cents, for what it is worth.. Now, let's just all get our flies, move on with our lives, and let bygones be bygones! -Forrest
  15. Mine are done. Please PM me the address. -Forrest
  16. Margaretann, May I suggest that if you know that you have had problems with a particular post office in the past that in the future you drive to the next town over to mail the packages so as to save yourself some headache? -Forrest
  17. I am going to have to change my fly. I thought I had plenty of dun dry fly hackle, but it turns out it is all large sizes. So, I am going to be changing my fly to a size 20 Griffith's Gnat. I have some beautiful grizzly hackle from a Silver grade cape that is making some really nice gnats. -Forrest
  18. As of yesterday I had not gotten mine. -Forrest
  19. How many more wanted in? I vote for letting them in so long as they wanted in before you posted the swap was full..... -Forrest
  20. I will play. I haven't tied tiny all summer so I will dust of the magnifier and tie a size 18 or so blue wing olive. I will go ahead and waterproof them for you! -Forrest
  21. I am very confused by this. If this swap is "invitation only" then why put something up here that says something like the first two to pm me get the last two spots then tell this guy that it's "invite only"??? Maybe I'm a bit miffed because I never get an invite. I didn't inquire about this one because I figured if anyone wanted me in the swap they would have invited me.... -Forrest
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