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  1. Trip recap: The fishing was great this weekend. I was able to catch seven species on the craw pattern over two days: Smallmouth, Largemouth, Spotted Bass, Sunfish, White Bass, Drum, and Rock Bass. The primary catch was Smallies and Rock Bass. Nothing over 17 inches but a dozen or more between 13 to 16 inches which is relatively strong for this water as usually you encounter maybe two in that range per trip. Numbers wise I had two great days with over 35 fish each day. Keep in mind some of the Rock Bass and Sunfish were little ones, but On the weed guard question it was a no brainer: a weed guard is a must for this water. Without a snag deterrent I could not fish the fly effectively or efficiently - it was a constant being hung up situation. I caught fish wiithout the snag guard but that was the exception as I was too busy wading out to get unbuttoned. When I switched to a craw pattern with a weedguard it went from "fishing" to "catching" . In one eddy area off a current seam (about the size of two pick up trucks) I managed 5 Rock Bass and 3 Smallies in a dozen casts. I was able to slowly fish the craw with slow hops, long pauses, in a lift and drop presentation. It was money as the fish really were in tune with it and crushed it before it got in to the current. I could focus on the retrieve instread of trying to NOT get snagged. I stayed with that pattern the rest of the weekend and had suceess in all water types. For my weedguard I used about a one inch piece of 40 Lb mono. It was plenty stiff to maneauver through the substrate but did not signifigantly cause hooking woes. I did lose some fish but I think it may have had more to do to the size of the fish being smaller rather than the weedguard blocking the barb. I appreciate everyone's input and suggestions. For me this was a good learning exercise and I learned alot - but more importantly I caught alot. Take care
  2. Thanks for everyone's thoughts - it is appreciated. I am with Mikechell - I am going to add them or it will be a knot tying event as the stream is rocky with some deeper 8 ft holes. I know I will be donating a few to the stream bottom but if I can get 3-4 fish per fly before losing it I will be content. My hope is that I can get the fish to chase the craw fly like the conventional gear guys do a swim jig. That would eliminate the bottom hopping / snagging. I will report back on Monday.............
  3. Hey all I have a quick question for you: Do you add a weed guard to your Craw flies? I have been trying a batch of lead eye craws lately and while they are not super difficult to create they take 10-15 minutes each for me to knock one out. I have a mini Smallie trip this weekend and I got to thinking that I better add a rock/weed guard since these will be bouncing around on the bottom for the most part. When I go online almost none of the craw patterns feature any snag protection. I pour a small plastic craw imitation for the spinning rod and ONLY fish it on a weedless hook. I use a tiny piece of 40 ln mono - it is stiff enough to walk through rocks and wood but flexes on the hook set. I thought I might try that for my flies. What say you?
  4. Very impressive patterns by everyone. A tremendous swap for sure.
  5. Sandan is correct -my Dark Barred Ginger works great for me. A friend has a Cree and it really is a beautiful specimen but he won't tie with it - while I understand part of his thinking, to me I would be seeing if it really makes the Trout crazy. A ship is safe in the harbor -- but that is not what ships are for...............
  6. Hey BB - Makes sense to me waiting a day or two or three - you do what you feel is best. We all know stuff happens.............. If you need to short me some patterns so everyone gets an appropriate number I am OK with that too. Mosko being a "new guy" swapper I want him to get the full effect. Shmang
  7. Count me in please. For me it is a soft hackle - very versatile as it fishes great in all seasons in different sizes, fishes well on a myriad of styles (on the swing, dead drift, hpopper dropper to name a few), and can be used to suggest a variety of bugs. I tie mine as an attracor with a mix of ice dub, super fine dubbing, and a hen feather - its shimmer and iredescencemake makes it irrestable. Shmang
  8. I got 39 itens for a grand total of $40 shipped!! COlor me happy.
  9. That is looking good! Would fish it in a heartbeat. Hope you get back to you right quick. Shmang
  10. Wearing mine right now - it is one of my favorite shirts. It is a "good luck" shirt for sure - wore it two Saturdays ago and had one of my best ever fishing days EVER. Would like to see another run become available.
  11. Mine are completed. I ended up going with a Frenchie variant using micro chenille in size 16. Thanks
  12. I would like to join please. Pattern TBD but it will be a size 16. Thanks
  13. I too dig the Collins hackle. My last order in late February was Dark Barred Ginger and Dark Dun and they are really nice. I like the ones above too. Will be tying some Parachutes in a short bit with them so your topic was timely. Take care
  14. Wow what a great swap! Mine just arrived and all I can say is these are hammer patterns - I know I will hammer the fish on them. Great work by all. Thanks for a great swap.
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