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  1. Got two nice fly boxs which I really needed. I have a birthday coming up and the Mrs said go for nice size fly shop order for some odds and ends- thread, hooks, dubbing, and some hackle- so can't wait.
  2. Opened mine and WOW what a haul for me. Great flies and the extra flies and materials are appreciated. What a great swap.
  3. Got my package today and it is under the tree until the 25th. Nice job getting things to arrive early Swap Santa!!
  4. I am in with a size 16 soft hackle - three color ice dub blend body with March Brown brahma hen hackle. Thanks for including me.
  5. I am on vacation starting Friday at Noon and will be fishing every day through the Sunday after Thanksgiving. To prep for this time on the water I just finished up 64 soft hackle patterns. I will give many of these to friends on the water but to me you can never have enough SH patterns! They shouldn't be overcomplicated to tie but can be so effective on the water. There are some great suggestions above so check out those resources. Good luck.
  6. Me and my 12 year old son fished a stream Saturday that was stocked the day before. Tried the big ugly stuff early in the day but only meager results - went to a size 18 bead nymph and soft hackle trailer and my son wore them out the rest of the day. Sometimes it pays to experiement with different set ups, sizes, and colors. Best part of the day was hearing Folks as they were leaving the stream and I could them say "dang he has another one......" as I was netting another fattie for my little guy. He is still smiling! Good luck!
  7. Tell us more about Skelton - I could not find a website. Thanks
  8. Count me in please for the "12 minimum of your favorite freshwater panfish/trout flies" category. Thanks, Shmang
  9. Now that is sexy. A super job on that one. Take care, Shmang
  10. My trip this weekend saw success with a size 18 soft hackle behind a size 16 bead head flash back nymph. Nothing huge but pretty steady action - many took it on the swing at the end of the cast - man that thump is exciting. My 12 year old son outfished me by a wide margin - I dont know who was smiing more me or him. Brahma hen hackle + ice dub mixed body = success. Can't wait to do it again.
  11. Thanks for your contributions. I have knocked out several in 18 and 20 already and they are not too bad in my mind. Every thread wrap counts when you start going small so I have had to slow my roll a bit to ensure a quality effort. Cant wait to fish them.
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