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  1. Hey Tomster, I moved to Houston less than two years ago and I fish Galveston from time to time for a short day trip option. As someone else mentioned good place to start is Galveston Island State Park and pretty easy to access. Across San Luis Pass, Christmas and Bastrop Bay are pretty good but navigating around that area can get a little hairy at times. Are you fishing out of a skiff or a kayak?
  2. Good comments above and definitely watch out for the angry, rich snobs who moved down south and think they own everything. I grew up not too far from there and the beach is a great spot spot for summer time snook and plenty opportunities to fish canals and lakes for bass. There are fish in pretty much any puddle you find over there. A lot of them you will be asked to leave from but you can usually land a fish or two before that happens and move on to the next place. One more thing I would look into is fishing some of the spillways for snook, tarpon and jacks. We used to fish the C-15 a lot in your area and another one on Military and Hillsboro which isn't too far away either once you get a vehicle. I think there are a few others around there too but I don't remember. You may have to hop a fence or two to get in but they can produce some nice fish. They usually open those things after a good rain. There used to be a website where we could go on and check if the spillways were opened or closed, but I don't remember what it is. Stop in at Ole Florida Fly Shop and talk to Darren and he will point you in the right direction. Good luck and enjoy.
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