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  1. Package is in the mail :yahoo:
  2. I can't find the instructions . Can you PM me the link for the instruction
  3. How does this show compare to the show in cleveland a week ago ?That was my first fly show and my son and i had a fun time .It is a good drive from cleveland but i'm always game :yahoo:
  4. First swap and i'm done . All i need is the address ( PM me ) and some hook tags . Any suggestion guys on how to tag the flies without damaging them ? Please feel free to email me after you receive the flies if you get lucky with them .
  5. NTS

    panfish fly

    Nice looking . What type of eyes and size ? :headbang:
  6. Where is my FTF Hat :crying: i will have my RENO hat
  7. I will be doing the Michigan Green Caddis
  8. NTS

    nymph swap

    count me in i will try the well tested Pheasant Tail Nymph :headbang:
  9. If there is a open seat i will jump in and try
  10. I tied 2 different ones i would like some feed back :help: . The top one is # 1 the bottom #2 both will be tyed on a #4 hook . If you have any other suggestions on flies i would not mind trying something else . This is my first swap . Sorry about the picture i need a new digital :dunno:
  11. NTS

    Swap box 3

    What kind of "Tips " are they talking about ??
  12. I will start off this is my first swap be gentle with me . Should i work with a large hook like a 2 or is it up to me ?
  13. I just received my items . I wish there where more pictures on his site .
  14. I'm thinking of a Clouser Minnow
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