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  1. New Fly Tying Club, in Riverside CA. I am starting a new club and looking for members, I would like to meet once a month at the Where? At the Isaac Walton Club house in Riverside, CA. Deep Creek Fly Fishers meet every month, You must be a club member or join the club, it just goes without saying, but I will say it anyway. This is our way of protecting you if something was to happen. Please contact me if you would be interested. We can't start until we have at least five members. That commit to saying they will try and show up every once a month befor I can start the papaer work. At this time I am planning on the third Saturday of each month.
  2. luvinbluegills people from California that know of Jenks Lake will want to go and they can call Sherry Sullivan at 909-844-4129 or the Mill Creek Ranger Station 909-794-1123 she will hook you up, It is an anual event A lot of people will show up, when comes to hellping the children locals that know of this Lake will show up to help, just to get a free day of fishing. LOL hey they feed you BBQ lunch sure you don't want to fly down? LOL GOd Bless †
  3. This is for anyone in California Everyone else hit your delete key! Lets help the kids learn to fish You can get a free fishing pass to Jenks lake stay as long as you like. http://www.fishingnetwork.net/socal/jenks.shtml Get a free lunch and a free pass to fish all day at Jenks Lake California near Big Bear. All you have to do is be a fishing buddy to a needy child. This program is called the Jenks Lake Fishing festival, it is held on September 11th, 2004 Be in the parking lot at 8:30 Call Sherry Sullivan at 909-844-4129 Mill Creek Ranger Station 909-794-1123 she will hook you up, NOT ME. Please don't email me asking, I am just the messenger And a supporter of helping the kids for a day program.
  4. QUOTE (appalachian angler (tn.) @ Aug 10 2004, 03:21 PM) what sucks is when your waistline catches up with your age...38 You made me laugh
  5. If I felt that way, I wouldn't have replied. Or answered to the post, As elders we need to set an example. Were just passing time here. God bless † 135th Assault Helicopter Company
  6. QUOTE (flyfisher anonymous @ Aug 9 2004, 09:55 AM) Doing this stuff for nearly 40 years and still enjoying it. Man that's a bum's rush. I tie my own and have never bought a fly although I have had a lot of fishermen give me flies. Would I buy them? Only if I was stuck with no material and I have never been stuck with no material. I do understand that there are some people out there who don't know or don't want to tie but still want to go fishing. More power to you. For myself I will always tie. Some History on how I feel. I preach fly tying as an iatrical part of fly fishing. someone just starting out needs to learn which fly, when and why. By tying there own fly’s they start to learn the names, what they look like, And something about the different flies we use. I am the new chairmen for our fly tying club, Deep Creek Fly Fishers Club Riverside California I started this fly tying club because I have received many hours of pleasure, and knowledge that I might never have never received had I not started tying my own fly’s. I ask the question for thoughts and motivation. Thank you all very much
  7. QUOTE (TimJ @ Aug 8 2004, 04:21 PM) "Should I buy or should I tie, which is more practical" I say tie 'em since fishing isn't practical to begin with. It's fun for me to tie so I tie, if it were not I wouldn't. It's all about the enjoyment and it doesn't matter how good or bad you are at it, and I should know since I'm not very good at it. You also can get just what you want in the size you want. A few years ago I had problems keeping crappies hooked on the small flies they wanted. I increased the hook size but still tied the fly the same size and all was perfect. It's harder to adapt to what they fish want if you don't tie. Tim All successful guides that I have spoken to tell me that it is a necessary part of there success, That just by changing a fly a little bit can mean the differences between a good day and a bad day. Fish see a fly to much they get wise.
  8. QUOTE (luvinbluegills @ Aug 8 2004, 03:10 PM) Here's one my brother learned the hard way... a measuring tape! His girlfriend (at the time) was teasing him unmercifully about getting skunked one weekend, and told him somethign along the lines of he couldn't catch a Walleye if someone threw it to him. My brother, beign a very good fisherman and very sensitive to her remarks, declared when she dropped us off at the spot that he would absolutely, definitely catch a Walleye and shut her up for good. He caught one, and I told him that it looked really borderline for keeping. (15" in PA) He said "it's big enough. There's no way I'm going back empty handed." Ego will get you every time. Not 1 HOUR later the water cops rolled up. They wanted to measure our fish. I, of course, was fine. His Walleye however, was 1/2 inch short. They wanted to fine him AND take all his equipment! He absolutely refused to give it up, at which point I was really afraid they were gonna arrest him on behavior. These guys decided to just make him release his fish and issue a small fine. I also found out finally what all those numbers on the fishing liscense are for. They punch those for violations. I think after the end of that day, when he had to deal with her after NOT catching anymore Walleyes, he went and had the image of a yardstick tattooed to his leg! You made me laugh my friend. In fact I am still laughing PS I am a catch and release person.
  9. Amen Jake More than once have I had the hackle come undone on a 3 dollar fly. I have found a few mom and pop shops that have some of the best fly's I have evern seen, but they have some retired guy or just a good fly tier tieing for them.
  10. QUOTE (vices @ Aug 8 2004, 02:51 PM) LOL, you just need a good pair of tinted sunglasses.. it works.. You ever tied a strymph, killer flies in deep pools. The way your talkin about cali.. yeah, I'm savin for a trip.. show em why they call me vices... LOL I was young once, at last I have aged a bit I am lucky I am married to a 35 year old. Keep your money, I lived in Colorado and One day I was reading a magazine and I was led to believe CA was the place to live, Palm trees, beautiful women, Great weather. What I wouldn't give to move to Canada or back to Colorado where there is good fishing. your in heaven just look around. The grass is green there to. Don't get fooled into moving. Like I did.
  11. This should he a post to give instate to new fly fishermen, I tie fly’s everyday, I can’t go to the fly fishing shops and buy fly’s I need without spending 100 bucks. and when I look in my hand I only see 20 flys or so. then I almost puke. I could have brought a new fly rod. So for me it is way cheaper to tie them. I am retired so I have the time. Nothing like catching fish on your own fly. The uglier the better. You will learn to tie fly’s to catch other anglers And fly’s to catch fish, there is a big differences. I would like to see what others thing.
  12. I love the Orvis Lightweight Fly Box's the hard shell boxes are to hard to carry, remember to always dry your fly’s out before storing for the day. I am always in a fly swap so I have a ton of everything. I have started shadow boxes of fly’s from people that I know Because the fly’s just shouldn’t be used. But that’s an other story for an other day. When you go fly fishing less is best, keep it simple. The less you have to loses theory. Everyone here has a story about dropping there favorite fly box and not knowing it. Because we were carrying so much crap. If you leave it in you truck they will break in and take it. You can plan your tips with a little practice and target the species’ your after that day. I don’t organize my boxes as to fly type, I organize them as per trip, A little of each with one back up. Should I buy or should I tie
  13. QUOTE (vices @ Aug 8 2004, 12:03 PM) Alright.. Steve , you can call me Jake.. and i didnt catch the games... unfortunatly. And i cant find those flys.. or the hooks to build em on.. i moved recently and I'm still looking through boxes.. but i will, sooner or later get those pic's to ya.. Hi Jake whats up man? Do you use any worm patterns Fly fishing? It gets very hot here so you have to go deep into the pools for fish. wooly burgers, chili peppers, brassies, PTN, and worm patterns, leaches and the like. I know how it is to move, at my age is the curs of death. So when ever you find them is cool. PS I was kidding around about the X-Games Jake you would have had to be in California at the cool summer beach. To much temptation for me to go. Young ladies in thongs, no tops. I can only look the other way for so long. SO I just don’t go.
  14. For sure dude. Did you see the X-Games at the beach today? It was pretty awesome. So my wife and three teenage daughters tell me, and please call me Steve. LOL 135th Assault Helicopter Company go on down to the bottom and hit enter on the next page click on my picture
  15. Wow Now thats what I am talking about. Look out Bass Masters
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