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  1. Used to really enjoy Flip's show, in fact for my birthday my wife signed me up for a casting class with Flip that West Bank Anglers was hosting. It was a great class and he is very entertaining to talk too. Made me feel somewhat less then effective with my fly rod after watching Flip cast. Wow is all I can say. If I am in the mood to watch some fly fishing, I put on "Feeding Time" on DVD. Tom Bie from the Drake wrote and produced this movie. Man it is awesome, although the cutthroat section is like a documentary. The rest of it just rocks. If you get a chance check it out... Aloha, JtB
  2. Walkers Cay with Flip. But admittedly I have not sat down for a viewing in over a year or more. In fact is it still on ESPN? But mostly I would rather tie flies then watch other people fish. Call it a quirk of mine, but I can not even watch football anymore because I would rather spend those hours tying flies. If I have time during the day to watch TV, I would rather find a fishing spot. Even if it is just casting on a near by lake. Huh... I wonder if I may have a problem here? Aloha, JtB
  3. Never thought about it before. But depending on the pattern I use either right or left. Interesting that it never really registered that I switch hands with the bobbin. I wonder what else I do without realizing it??? This could get a guy in trouble. JtB
  4. Nocomis Biguttatus is a Hornyhead Chub! Came across this when I was reading a write up on prey species for a local watershed. Thought it would make a good screen name so Presto! Real name is John. Thank you. Nocomis Biguttatus (JtB)
  5. SE Michigan, Hartland to be exact. I mostly fish for steelhead and smallmouth. But I will experiment on just about anything that may take a fly. Like catfish at a warm water discharge. Tell you what a 15 pound cat on a fly rod is just plain fun. Aloha, Nocomis Biguttatus (JtB)
  6. Hello, Been lurking on site for a while. Decided to register. Typically I like to read more then post, but if I am moved to offer up an opinion I will do so. So at this point not sure if I should enter in my life story or what??? Instead of that. Why not open it up to any questions? Aloha, Nocomis Biguttatus (JtB)
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