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  1. Well if you do we may...that would be great. GTG to work :wallbash: Cya. Jofishy
  2. That is a super fly. Gotta jump to that one. Thanks for the flytek site. I will make some shad like that for winter for the shad kills.
  3. Anyone from the Springfield Missouri area that would like to go on a fly fishing outing for Smallies? Have flies will travel. Just a one day jaunt. Would like to see if there is someone on this site that is from SW Missouri. At we could swap flies or stories.
  4. Hey Flyguy...I grew up fishing the Kankakee near the State Park in Illinois. Many of my own flies are named after Rock Creek. Now I live in the Ozarks, but I fish there once in a while when I go see family. (It is a shame what that stream has become with all the ag runoff oh what to do). When fishing a crayfish pattern I use Gary Borger's method. He had it down pat. But alas I do not have any of his books anymore. I do not even have Presentations. The key is fine the right water. Need rocks and riffles. A hole is ok to fish if there are rocks around. Another key...stay in contact with fly at all times. Get yourself in the right positon to make your cast so that it will be starting a turn in the drift right about where your fishy spot is. The first part of the cast Dead Drift, but keep in contact with fly...Now when you believe your fly is bouncing along the bottom and is about to tightin up an turn...strip in 5 inch strips 123 123 then pause but watch for strike if it tightens up at all strike. Another key is to fish the water thoroughly. If you want to catch smallmouth on crayfish fish Low Light periods. Early and I mean 400 am until 900am. By the time the sun gets on the water it gets too late. Bigger fish prowl around then. Also when it is overcast. As it gets sunnier you have to fish close to the cover to get the crayfish sweeping under rocks and shelves...that means more casts to get it right. Size and color matter. Crayfish spawn usually in May up there. By late June they are about size 8 olive. If you fish the ozarks they are golden brown. They fish only better as the year progresses and late Sept. is when they are at there peak feeding on them. Fish size 4 by that time. Another note on the Kankakee...Fish Yellow and Brown Clousers, and Poppers around the weed beds at edges in June and July. Tightlines!!! Jofishy
  5. That is an awesome fly. You will catch fish on that, but put it in a safe place instead for prosperity. Now the things I have learned from others...Packing tight is key. Getting a good hair packer is important. Use a drop of flex cement now and then. The fly will last longer. To get a good flat face if needed. Take a 35 mm film canister lid poke a fly tying scissor into it. Now use Flexcement...goop it on the face then place the film canister over that tight. Let dry for a few minutes. It will make the tighest flatest face that will last. Try tying with single strand floss. It is strong, and works great for Stacking. Your next thing you need to try is stacking. It makes Spots on top or sides(I have seen that done too). If you can ever make it to the Southern Council of FFF in Mountain Home Arkansas you can see some excellent Bass Bugging there, but I am sure you can see it all around anymore. I remember seeing Billy Munn tying over 13 years ago. What a treat. I do not know if he is still around, but he is one of the first and one of the top bass fly tyers. If you can see him you will learn a lot just watching him. Jofishy
  6. Just posted...I am supprised there are not many using this. There has got to be more in the St. Louis and Ozark region than what is posted. Taking the boys Smallie fishing tomorrow. Will let everyone know how it went. Have pics up in a week or so.
  7. For me I would have to say Smallmouth is first then Trout. I love fishing selective trout, but the primal hits and runs from bigger Smallies can be a hoot. And Smallies can get selective at times. What worked one day does not always work the next. Now Largemouth...they are just plain DUMB. I would rate it like this. #1 Popper fishing in June for Smallies, wet wading in a rocky ozark stream. :headbang: #2 Stripping Crayfish patterns and Wooly Buggers in the Fall for Smallies. #3 Fishing at Night for wiley old Brown Trout. #4 Fishing for selective Trout. #5 Trico Time. #6 Hopper Time. #7 Carp...poor man's bonefish!!! #8 Largemouth in a float tube...Unless they are 4 plus lbs then the ranking can go up a bit But the favorite fish I ever caugt was a 16 inch Greenback Cutthroat Trout from a mountian lake in RMNP. I have caught so many fish bigger and that have fought much harder, but that fish was fantastic, and I will always remember it.
  8. Hello, My name is Joe and I a hail from Southern Missouri. I have been fly fishing and tying for some odd 20 years. I chase anything down I can with a fly rod. From float tubing for Largemouth to midging for selective Trout. Oh and even the occasional Carp trip. I hope to swap some flys here this winter. And get in touch with fisherman from around the country and world. The last great trip I had was to Colorado fishing the ponds of the Rocky Mountain National Park for Greenback Cutthroat Trout, and the Big Thompson among herds of Elk. Very nice trip. Well nice to be here...Tight Lines!!!
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