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  1. new to the forum...thought I'd weigh in trout hooks.....doesn't matter. I use some korean hooks I bulk order. Same styles as tiemco, lesser quality control, 1/5th the price. Also use Dai-riki and maruto a lot for trout. TMC/daiichi cost too much. Big hooks is a different story. There are some generic korean hooks I use for steelhead flies, but mostly stick with major manufacturers, i.e. daiichi/tmc. A few years back I was tying a particular steelhead pattern on a dai-riki hook and had a number of upset customers because the hooks were breaking in fish's mouths. Lesson learned. Salt hooks I use a mix. Maruto makes great hooks for the price. Way better than mustad, and a fraction of the price of daiichi or gamakatsu. I also use a lot of dai-riki's. I do use some mustads for muskie flies, but I have to file sharpen them all. Overall, I have no hook loyalties. The hooks I use the most do have some quality issues, but I don't use the duds, and they fish fine.
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