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  1. Mac for sure I've caught Lakers in the Snake drainage in WY far from the lakes and have seen a bunch of Bull Trout doesn't look like any Bull Trout I've seen
  2. Nice set of flies in the mail yesterday tried to explain to my wife that I now NEEDED that 3 wt I have been talking about didn't go over that well at first but I'll break her down.
  3. It's thinner foam than the norm but I am experimenting for dropping some heavier nymphs underneath it kind of trying to see what they'll take but still be effective as a fly and not just an indicator.
  4. I'm using a 200R that is along the lines of what I was thinking am I using the wrong hook for that much foam?
  5. You know I thought about that but I threw a different hopper pattern no foam a size up the day before without any issues
  6. I'm having some issues with a triple stack Chernobyl that I worked up I wasn't getting hooked up with on a bunch of strikes and these were the ones that weren't short strikes. Looking for any advice if anyone has run into the same issue.
  7. Is there a certain area or time of year that these flies will be used?
  8. Yeah I didn't like the idea of underlining either nut the idea was that the loops would be easier on the guides I would like it for streamers also but then it seems easier to go to the floating on the river without the hassle of changing spools
  9. It seems like a good idea and I have been going through fly line about every 3 months and that is starting to bug me. Is it a pretty durable line? Kevin I have heard of people under lining the rod to keep from it hanging up did you do that?
  10. Has anyone used it kind of looking at it just wondering what someone thought of it after using it
  11. Going to go with a size 8 hanging golden stimi
  12. Would love to join if you'll have me
  13. So I finally have something that I am ok with sending in I am going to warn everyone that it may not catch anything. Sorry usually I send field tested field proven flies this isn't a fish that I chase much if at all so it looks good to me but I don't know what the bluegill will think. They will be in the mail as soon as I can.
  14. I'd start with some royal wulffs and adams if they are still not eating its going to be about what's hatching
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