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  1. Just got three new Bucktails from a friend who shot a deer and nabbed two from his friends for me. Looking for some new Muskie and Pike patterns, preferably. something large. Peace Nevin
  2. Most rivers are still technically fishable but last few days has a mini freeze turn the tribs into big slushies. Hard to fish. Flies, lines and eyelets all freeze over too quickly. Going to tie a few flies for an upcoming ice-fishing trip to Simcoe. Some steelies in the rivers though. Haven't gone up to Georgian Bay or Huron since November so no reports for you. Peace Nindja
  3. Make friends with duck hunters. I shoot ducks every fall with mallards making up 95% of the bag. Always save Flanks for tying. Most hunters don't tie so they can help you out if you are nice. Got three buck tails yesterday and scores of turkey wing feathers from friends who hunt thiose animals. Free to boot. Good luck.
  4. I use horse tail hair. No need to soak any of it. Easy to get just ask a horse owner to save you some when they trim the tail. Might have to wash some poop out though. Peace Nindja
  5. You can use less thread pressure when wrapping the bucktail on the shank and then add a drop or two of superglue at the end to help hold the ends together. Broom variation gives of a bigger profile and lets fish feel the fly through their lateral lines. Better in off coloured water where visability is an issue. Peace Nindja
  6. Kool aid has been my go to over any other dyes for years. Read about it in an American fly fishing publication. Do it in the microwave and make sure to add some white vinegar to solidify the colour to the material or it will wash out eventually. Peace Nindja
  7. Sally's stuff is cheap, easy to find, works great. I don't have to drive 20 + km to the nearest fly shop when I can get a bottle of Sally's at the dollar store. Peace Nindja
  8. Johns fly materials (forgot the exact name) in London has taken care of my needs for years. Great guy to deal with. fast great service Peace nindja
  9. Just a quick bit of advice. Mono leaders tend to float whereas Flouro are heavier and sink. So plan accordingly with the flies. If dry fly fishing use mono. Peace Nevin
  10. Starting small is really the way to go. Decide what type of flies you are going to use. Then buy the appropriate tools for that. Kits are nice but they usually contain general ingredients for a wide variety of flies and people. It's also a good way to unload crappy stuff on people who don't know better (I'm sure there are some quality kits out there but the will cost you). I started tying flies by holding the hook in my hand years ago because I didn't know anyone who fly fished and there were very few books around then. Whatever you get buy decent stuff. You buy crap, you get crap...don't need to buy a $500 vice for tying a few dozen flies per season. Get a decent bobin holder as well as a decent pair of scissors as well. You can slowly build up your arsenal as you learn, you might not like it so this small investment won't hurt you. Good luck nindja
  11. One big difference is most people when they add the hackle they parachute it as the normally would with the shiney side up. I once read an article from Hans where he said this was incorrect. The hackle has to be reversed, dull side or back of the feather is upwards. This way the fly sits in the meniscus (surface film) not on top. Makes a big difference when catching fish as they probably see it more as a cripple or a real fly. Workks . I've tried both versions for a number of years and dull side up really outfishes shiney feather side up. Peace nindja
  12. How much is the CD and where is it available? Peace nindja
  13. Making them is a great idea. I have numerous sizes I make which fit the flies I want to tie. Easy to do Just get a set of tin snips and some brass sheeting, I like 0.025" thick. Peace nindja
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