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  1. First catch of the day, got him on a hand tied #14 green Humpy.
  2. Lock man I'm not going to argue with you because we could go on forever.I fish California rivers and streams with dry flies where you aren't going to need to cast much more then 50 feet most of the time,and it is going to be really hard to see a size 14 fly at 90 feet.
  3. until you can't get any closer than 30 feet. A big part of the enjoyment of fly fishing for most people is casting well. Much more so than spinning or baitcasting. A gifted caster can do well with any rod, as long as the line is matched to it. I'm only an OK caster, and I've found with "softer" action rods I have issues making good casts--- the issues are with me, not with the equipment. An exceptionally gifted caster can launch a tight loop a long ways without a rod at all!! Lefty Kreh said "EVERY rod casts better than the person using it." That's why I said with MOST small rivers and streams, and I never said that it isn't good to be able to cast well,I was just pointing out that in most holes you aren't going to be able to put ont 90 feet of line before geting hung-up.
  4. Well you don't need to cast much more then 15-25 feet for most small river and stream fishing
  5. My rod and reel I bot from cabela's in a combo pack for about $85, it's a rely nice setup,And it cast beautifully.
  6. It had been hit pretty good before we got there so it wasn't very good,but it was fun,But we caught some.
  7. I just got a new rod and reel at Cabela's,And they have a large variety of nice rod and reels there for pretty cheap.
  8. Thanks for the tip. we are going to be fishing the North fork of the river today.
  9. Hi Guys, I am going fishing with my Dad tomorrow on the Feather river,and was wondering what type of flies I should use thanks
  10. Hi guys I am new to the forum.I am a new fly fishermen and new to tying too.hope I can learn a lot.
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