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  1. HalS

    Greasy Monkey

    It works really well on panfish and bass here.
  2. This is my friends design and all I can say is it is a killer 'gill and bass fly. I think its the black stripe that does it. Greasy Monkey
  3. These are what I've been working on. I've only been tying for about 2 weeks now so I'm pleased with what I got. Higa's SOS Close up. Bead head Prince nymph more of them. Those Higa's were tough for me as I've never tied anything that small and never used dubbing before. They're on #16 hooks btw.
  4. I'm going to have to tie some of these. they look great.
  5. Thanks for the warm welcome everyone.
  6. I just received mine today, and wow there's a lot of stuff in there. On another note can anyone share a few patterns that I could tie with it? I just started tying about a month or so ago and not sure what I can do with all of it. I'm really interested in warmwater patterns as there's not too much trout around me.
  7. Hi from Nebraska, I'm new to fly fishing and tying. I've only been fly fishing since June, and tying for only a month or so. I found this site and started looking at all the great patterns and wish I could tie like that. I just started gathering materials and tools but have tied only a couple of wooly buggers and wooly worms to start.
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