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  1. it's more a problem of $$ with the local taxes + online reward make a big difference compare to the local fly shop And in Manhattan not a lot of choises for fly shops (orvis but i don't want orvis products and urbanangler don't sell tfo)
  2. no i'm talking about this website : http://www.tcoflyfishing.com i plan spend a lot of money it's why i prefere to be sure before order
  3. Hello I'm in US for couple of weeks. I would like to buy couple of fly rods before go back in europe. Could you tell me if you had feedback on tcoflyfishing online shop. I'm looking for a safe place to order a sage one & a ticr-x and some other stuff and tcoflyfishing have a good reward program (10%) p.s sorry english is not my native language.
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