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  1. I should buy stock in a deer tail company. I can go through 3/4 a day when filling big fly orders.
  2. I prefer bucktail for the heads and yak for the body. They have both proven very durable in the many years I have used them.
  3. Been playing with adding some tails to my flies, mostly cause no one else really does it. The tails are tube flies on a peice of 80 lb mono tied into the front head.
  4. My favorites are Gama octopus barbless. Come in sizes 4/0-10/0. Up to size 5/0 are in nickle, red, green or black.
  5. Will definitively catch fish. The color choice is great. Only to points. I personally have gone to 5/0 minimum hooks min cause I get better hook ups. I would be concerned with trying to get 30 pound flouro or wire through the hook eye, when it's 20 degrees out and i cant hardly move my fingers.
  6. you can use big fly fiber to tie my pike/musky flies. But it requires allot more material because it does not build up a good bulky silhouette very fast. http://cowboyflyfishing.blogspot.com/
  7. I get all my materials from CHIFLY.com. If you tell Jon or Andy that I sent you, tell them you want BIG fly material. They are very good about sorting and only sending large bucktails. If they dont have any they will get some for you. Most of the fibers on my bucktail is over three inches and small and tight so it doesn't flair. I go through probably 100 bucktails in a show season and they quality is great.
  8. Sorry for not posting guys, been in france all week. The master mcfluff chucker pretty much answered all the questions you had. I startes with EP but had a bad problem with the material knotting so went to yak. I cut the flies taper.after it.is.done becUse i have a formula that is 1/3 head to 2/3 body and all deer hair is a little different in length. Sorry for the spellimg i am on my phone. Thanks.
  9. Most of the musky guys are using a ten weight rod, with a 11 weight pike taper.
  10. I have recently gotten some requests for my streamer style flies in a steroid version. Well here they are. These are functionally the same as my standard pike flies. Just more material and steps to get the increased size and keep the fishability.
  11. wow the poppers are great. One note on teh supercharger. The doll eyes will help it float and wiggle by the top, but the first time you hit something hard, the eyes will break and fill with water. The fly will then sink and run crooked. I used to use them on my floating streamers, but went to solid glass eyes instead.
  12. I normally would't answer to this kind of post, because i am kinda of high jacking another persons post. I apologize for that. This pattern has been designed by me over a a couple of years. I started with Blue water flies but was unwilling to spend 20 bucks for a fly. I had already been tying for years for trout, but was moving away from trout specifically for bass. I loved pursuing them on the bait caster but was moving towards the fly rod. I started using big steamers to match my fav crank baits. The fly is designed to push allot of water and swing back and forth like a zara spook. It is torpedo shaped in order to cast easier, it flies like a rocket through the air. Big bass started my real fly rod fever for big flies. Pike are simply the next bigger guy in my local food chain.
  13. I have two trains of thought. I throw my pike flies for local largemouths and also take alot of big smallies on the rivers when piking. In the lakes I prefer a gizzard shad pattern (attahced) I tie, but in the rivers I target pike and the bass are just a by product. We do not have pike in the lakes, so I target them specifically there. The other train of thought is to pull out your three or four top conventional tackle and match them as closely to size and function as you can. They have become your stand by's for a reason.
  14. I use a temple forks Axiom and TiCR X, both in 8 weight. I use a cortland ten weight pike taper and a 300 grain full sink on both. I also use a nine foot furled leader, this is what lays out these big flies. A standard leader does not have enough mass to transfer the weight through the tippet. Realize that you cannot cast a ten weight line, you must throw it like a shooting taper. You should only need one real false cast to punch most of a full line into a light wind. Of course a strong double haul is a must with these flies.
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