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  1. Here's some spoon flies I tied a few years ago. Made with some fake fingernails I found in a bargain bin at the drug store. There are some lead wraps on the underside of the "spoons" that you can see in the second photo. FYI, If you have spinning blades on your "fly", it might be considered a lure in some states and therefore illegible to be fished in some sections of water deemed "fly only". As always, check you state and local regs. This spoon fly would be legal as a "fly".
  2. I was in a weird mood today and this is what happened at the vise. I do not have good photographic equipment so excuse the sketchy photo. I call it a paraloop rainbow warrior. If the nymph by te same name works, why not an emerger?
  3. So, apparently now, any fly with a purple component to it is now eligible for the purple haze moniker. 🙃
  4. I have spent most of this off season going thru my fly boxes and picking out sub-par flies or flies that I know I will never use. Of those, I decide either to "fix" or destroy them. Most, I find, only need minor adjustments to be made useable. I am of the opinion that I should not donate my sub-par flies if I would not fish them myself. I am always ready to give away flies whenever possible and have done so many times. I actually enjoy fixing my ill conceived or poorly tied flies. Most are very easily fixed...if it isn't, then it gets the razor blade. I must admit, however, this hasn't solved my overpopulation of flies.
  5. Sally Hansen's. UV coatings are not tough enough.
  6. Why don't you just buy some online? All major sites carry them. https://www.flyshack.com/DisplayItem.aspx?ItemID=114476&LCI=X
  7. Any local fly shop should be able to provide you with accurate hatch data for your local streams.
  8. One of these works as well or better than a die set and is much cheaper.
  9. If "more is better", then this should be the best! More color, more body hackle, more winging materials and more collar hackle...and a hot spot to boot!
  10. shoebop

    Song of the day

    I don't think Joe Cocker did any song first. He strictly did covers of other people's hits..at least that's my memory of his songs.
  11. I have been complaining about this issue ever since they made the change. No one seems to be able to do anything about it and some ,(who don't have the problem), are somewhat disbelieving that the problem even exists.
  12. No need to soften if the cape is not old and dried out. Keep an eye on the humidity level of your tying room. You may need a humidifier especially in the heating season if your capes are getting too dry and brittle.
  13. Not a troll post... I don't understand the "piggyback" concept. How is this different or better than fishing any fly under an indicator. It seems to me that using an indicator rig would be easier to adjust the depth and have more options for variety of flies and be much easier to store in a fly box. Please tell me what I'm missing. BTW...I love the haystacks and the humpys.
  14. Edit, edit, edit! Edit out all the blank/dead moments while you search for your bobbin or other materials. Speed through all the repetitive steps. Have all your materials laid out and ready ahead of time. In my mind, Tim Flagler is the best at making tying videos. Try to emulate him if you can. Here is one of his videos for an example. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dwUWGMuHkWE
  15. I respectfully disagree with Mr. McDougald. Adams, or any catskill fly with wings are much harder for a beginner to tie than one without wings. My advice for the OP is to choose any design that doesn't incorporate "wings" to start with. The color and size is up to you to imitate any likely insect on your home waters. I am a generalist when it comes to fly choice. If it is the right color and size, it will likely as not be a good choice.
  16. The first is a classic hex nymph and the second is a joe's hopper as has been already noted.
  17. This is what my Tabs look like in Chrome. Clicking on any of the options doesn't work.
  18. Yeah, I was in a deep funk for a few years. It's good to be feeling better. The "next" or" page selection" buttons I am referring to are at the bottom left of the page to go to the next page (if the are more pages of unread posts to read) of posts to that topic. It makes it impossible to go to the next page without exiting the topic and hitting the "unread content" tab at the top right, then selecting that topic again to continue reading posts. If there are more than a just a couple of unread pages, this becomes a huge inconvenience.
  19. I still can't navigate from one page to the next to read posts in any topic. The "next" tab or the >> tab do not work. This is very frustrating. I miss the "back to the top" feature that the old format had. I miss the preview feature that the old format had. You could see the first and last post in that thread to see what it was all about. Are these and/or other issues being addressed?
  20. I wouldn't take the chance of using a toxic and odorous substance like that. I stopped using naptha (white gas) for making a homemade floatant for the same reason. In my opinion, they have to leave a noxious smell and/or taste even after the offending substance has evaporated. It's hard enough to get fish to bite as it is, why would I take the chance of lowering my odds?
  21. Thanks for the compliment FRN, but I can't take credit for the tie. I had to google it since I don't have a camera worthy of taking a decent photo to post. Sorry for the deception.
  22. I realized later that I hadn't been specific enough and then I got busy and forgot to edit my post. Anyway, you guys beat me to it and corrected my error for me. On second thought, I withdraw my question. It was an silly idea in the first place.
  23. You didn't answer the question. What fly would you choose if you could only have one fly to fish for a day?
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