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  1. mine went out moday but just realized i forgot toe tags
  2. decide on foam frog just finished them up addy please
  3. ill be into if there is still room....not sure what ill be tying
  4. flies are all in just sorted and will be mailed out tomorrow (tuesday). beginerflytyer couldn't figure out what he wanted to tie so he is not participating. everyone should be getting 10 flies back some might have accidentally ended up with 11 from some of the extras that were for him. thanks for doing swap and for the extras got nearly all my summer dries stocked up for next year. pike and steelhead time here in ohio then onto the ice....tight lines
  5. Zachxbass dont worry about it. Its gun weekend this weekend in ohio for deer so i wont have gotten them sent out until monday or tuesday anyways. flies look great so far
  6. P.G. Beckett flies are in after a postal massacre. Hope you didnt have any attachment to that little plastic container, bc its in about 20 pieces looks like flies survived though.
  7. also looks like all flies are in the mail..just got to get my little bro (beginerflytyer) to sit down and tie his this week and as soon as they all come in I will get them shipped out
  8. But the due date is still over 2 1/2 weeks away, right? It's not like they are dead-beats, yet. However, it is still nice to know where we stand! Jimboha! Yes still a little over two weeks no rush. You guys are making my caddis's look bad so far though :/
  9. flies that are in today 2. Jimboha! -Renegade 5. Service Tech - loop wing emerger. 7. famill00 -Griffith's Gnat 8. dezod -parachute adams or Go to hell variant 9. williamhj -olive sparkle dun 10.benmz -Missing Link 11.grey brook -delta caddis waiting for Ebrant10, zachxbass, P.G. Beckett and beginnerflytyer kyle
  10. Flies have been coming in. I will go through them Monday after the shotgun deer hunting season ends here in Ohio still looking for a buck.
  11. keeping an eye out for flies two here so far. Get those sent out in the next week or so. mine have been completed too I am just waiting for yours Due the 15th
  12. 1 of 11 done for me guess i should get working on these before thanksgiving and shotgun deer season in ohio. picture pending
  13. Alright the swap is full sorry if there wasnt room for you.
  14. forest you have been added just 4 more so far a lot of good flies that at least for me they will get a lot of use in the future.
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