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  1. This one, soft hackle wrapped on a post with a brass bead, why? But turn it upside down the way it will ride And this BWO in a few sizes
  2. I have a coot skin I have not used yet, but if you google "Using Coot feathers for tying flies" you will find reference to a number of uses. Boraxing the whole skin would not be a big job but plucking them is a good alternative. Somewhere I have heard reference to using the feathers for spey patterns but I cannot remember where I read or heard this.
  3. I will send what I can in the next couple of days.
  4. Great pictures, beautiful fish and I like your dog! With winter just around the corner I suspect I may be turning a little green as well. Thanks for postiing this!
  5. That is a great beetle! Good step by step! Thank you for taking the time to share!
  6. I would definitely agree with Kirk, the bevel allows your hook to go around hook bends. Believe me I have tried the others as well, beads always seem so expensive,I was always looking for a way to save money .
  7. Thanks guys, I dug this thread up because I was thinking about buying the six finger scissors. I used to tie with scissors in hand but sort of got away from it, but man it is so easy to lose them without ever getting up from the desk so I want to tie with them in hand again.
  8. Hey Ashley, I have had a rather negative personal life the last few years, sorry I lost touch with you and anyone else for that matter. Just getting my own self back on track and thought I would come back and find a few friends. Nice to see you here, hope we can stay in touch this time.
  9. My small understanding of hook making is that the barb has been an integral part of the process of making hooks which may explain the issue.
  10. I voted Mustad because they are easily found and have a pretty good selection etc. etc. But that being said you will find almost every brand of hook in my desk.
  11. I tried to read through all of the posts from beginning to end but alas my eyes are not what they used to be. I am sure I have a post about using a Vosselar Vise in there somewhere. I am a bit fickle with rotary vises having not realized I needed one for many years until enough people I knew got one and I felt my life was unfulfilled without one myself. I had the Griffin Odyssey which worked great, looked a little like a refugee from a mechano box but I liked it. I sold it and bout a Vosselar but while it is a good vise the rotary feature is a bit cimbersome and I did not care for the small jaws for #14's on down. I sold that and now, since my fishing partner has one and I like the functionality and because the service I get from Norm is the best in the business ( I mean second to none, not that nobody else is as good) I own a Nor Vise. I built a base for it and will probably pick up the travel kit as well.
  12. Hey Markbob has a good point, then if a guy wants an excuse to go to the shop he can tell his wife (long suffering Martyr no doubt) about these cool earrings they have in and she can come with him……hmmmm thinking there may be two sides to that coin, but still a great idea.
  13. Howdy Smalliehunter! I hope I can kind of pick up where I left off. Been a busy couple of years and alot has changed, just trying to find "normal" again. Hope you have been well!
  14. Hi there. I have been away for awhile, but recently I have been looking at participating in a Forum again and I think here is probably one of the better places. Some of you already know me, either my real name or Inconnu. Either way for the rest, my name is Kerry Pitt. I have been tying flies since August 01, 1969 when my Dad presented me with a fly tying kit. Since then I have followed the Sport/hobby/art form as a sort of addiction. I currently Preside over Project Healing Waters Canada, where we introduce Canadian Soldiers to fly fishing and fly tying for their physical and emotional recovery. I grew up fishing British Columbia and now I fish the waters of Southwestern Alberta, not that there are any fish there. Look forward to learning and participating here again……Kerry
  15. Why would you be scum? There is no puritanical rule that says you can't do both and nobody should tell you otherwise. If you can get your equipment tying up earings then do it. I tied commercially for two years and it was pretty thankless as well as not very profitable where I was. I think tying earings is a great idea, good luck!!
  16. Started with a Thompson AA went to a Griffen Odyssey then a Vosseler but I tie with a Nor Vise now.
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