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  1. Cream, Where did you get that hair packer? I want one of those
  2. I second the atleast one more issue. I really enjoy this magazine, It's mainly the reason why I do tie flies. Hope it works out
  3. I also would like an orange hat please, Thanks, Rob
  4. Anvil also make a True rotary vise called the Atlas.It is great I have tied on it and liked it better than I need the peak, and it also comes with both bases. You can even find them on ebay new at around $125.00.
  5. I'm looking at either getting the peak rotary or the anvil atlas rotary vise. I was wondering what everybody thought I those. I have also looked at the renzetti traveler could go with that, but would like to get it a little cheaper. Any info on anythese would be great. I usually tie bass flies, such as streamers, deer hair poppers. Things of that nature, along with a fair amount of smaller flies. Any help would be very much appreciated. Thanks, Rob c
  6. Great information!!, thanks for all the responses. I will be spending my day web site hopping, and checking them all out and purchasing more than needed i'm sure. to bad I didn't post this in enough time to get it before all the ice that hit last night. Would be a great day for tying. once again thanks for the help.
  7. I was wondering if anyone could recommend a online shop or and fly shop that takes orders that might have quality hair for spinning in a bigger patch than 2"x2"? Any info here would be very helpful. Thanks, Rob C I also should mention that i'm in cincinnati, ohio if that helps at all
  8. nice, I love the desk. I really love the fact that if you run low on materials, you can just take a weapon of your choice and get some more. very cool Rob
  9. Didn't know where to put this tonight. I know left over's usually mean food. but tonight I need to know where you usually but your left over materials that are use full for other flys? I saw the fly tying bench. I did not see any photos that has represention of materials for fly tied. Just a discribtion or how you deal will the materials will do?
  10. Part of the reason I got the bps kit was I knew I would make a lot of mistakes, or just sloppy flies when I very first started tying. I didn't want to go out and spend good money on materials till I got my technique down. I would just be throwing away wasted quality materials. Then when I could tie some patterns that I thought looked good, and where consistant enough to fish, I then started buying the good stuff. Although i'm not where I want to be yet, I'm along way from the first few flies. Rob C
  11. Hello all, I'm am new to the site as well as brand new to tying. My question is.. with the whole hackle issue with the hair feathers deal, can you trim hackle down to the appropriate size. I quess what I mean is if I hold my hackles to the guage the smallest I have is a size 10, and I'm trying to tie a size 16. can I just do a little hair cut (so to speak) of the hackle after it has been palmered, Or do I have to pay a ton of cash for the appropriate size, if I can even find them. Any insight is very much appreciated. Rob p.s here is a picture of my first fly. I didn't use a pattern or anything just kind of used the fundamental techniques in order and my mind and this is what I came up with.
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