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  1. Looks decent enough. Can ya do a bluegill imitation? :-) I post mine but it just there but….
  2. Its a main staple in my boxes when I fish. Although synthetic like EP is more durable but there is a thing about naturals materials catching more so. I don't even waste my time on all these new hyped up styles out now since I know there is no way they will out fish real hair again. When I need a bigger profile i go to Yak hair and that stuff is truly amazingly durable to toothy critters.
  3. Another vote for the 3000! I regrettably don't own any more. Most of my tying is big bass and muskie flies so big hooks are the rules for my Masters.
  4. That quote is right on the money! It costs me a hundreds more now since I held off way to long playing with a bunch other good vises on the market. Just buy it and get it out of your head! and you will be happy happy happy!
  5. Sweet tie as usual! Always love your tying skill and style.
  6. I got a bad habit of losing things on the water if it's not attached to a lanyard.
  7. Here is a picture with tools as requested. [
  8. nice hair bugs. It helps a lot having very good quality hair to turn densely packed hair bugs.
  9. Those are freakin nice! Sure way to get into bigger fish! A do a version with a conehead and diamond shaped foam tails so it doing a head stand.
  10. That is a sweet idea! I use an Orvis one and is always on my lanyard no matter what to get those hooks out quickly.
  11. I picked up 7/16" brass tubes and cut them down to each sections by boring thru after carefully measuring as I did not want to bore straight thru. The one I use for my Renzetti profile plate is 3/8" stainless tubing. I decided to do this so I could eliminate the stand I used for it. Pretty innovation for sure.
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