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  1. Free shipping on orders over $40!!
  2. https://imgur.com/dD5xOeZ
  3. Danville flat waxed nylon thread 210 denier 100 yds each all full spools (4) olive & white, (3) green & red $2.00 each. (2) unithread 6/0 15 yds each blk & yellow $3.00 each (2) gold & (1) silver tinsel nearly full spools $1.00 each (13) spools floss & thread various colors, all full or nearly full $1.00 each Payment is Paypal family & friends. Shipment is USPS actual cost. You decide if you want insurance.
  4. I've got the same Fenwick 8 1/2 ft 7wt rod that I built back in the late 70's. Except for 3" that the wife broke off while vacuuming too close to it. I've rewrapped the guides once & still use it every time I go out. Bass & bluegills & crappies. It does everything I need. I built a 9 ft 9 wt carbon rod about 15 years ago after all the hype I was reading & hearing. I hate that rod. Find one that works & stick with it.
  5. Catalpa_Joe

    First Car

    1955 Chevy, 4 door, 265 c.i., automatic
  6. Got mine today. Good job everyone. Thanks for hosting BB.
  7. Here's a pic of some Flo Green Chenille I bought from a supplier in Western Canada a couple years ago. I can't remember who it is. Can anyone help or advise a US supplier. The chenille is flo green about 3/16" dia, maybe a tad smaller & very soft. Not stiff bristles like some I bought recently from Cabelas. I checked H&H in the US but no go. The label on the package said H&H Canada. Thanks in advance for any leads you can furnish.
  8. 1. Swappers that are late. 2. Swappers that drop out without notice. 3. Swappers that don't send enough return postage. Then there's guys like Floyd who always sends extras for EVERYONE. Thanks Floyd. Then there was the guy from Canada who sent $5 US for $2 return postage. He even said keep the change. All in all it's wothwhile, but there are those days.
  9. 1/2 cup cornmeal 1 cup white flour 1/4 tsp garlic powder, not garlic salt mix well dip fish in egg wash, then dredge in flour mix, fry in canola oil till golden on both sides.
  10. And you thought it was BAD news! It was one of those GOOD days.
  11. Bloop, How much gap do you leave in the top of the box before putting the lid on? Do you tape it closed or just snapped in place? What happens if you don't put the lid on? I was thinking about using Great Stuff, the expanding foam insulation for around wall outlet boxes & door frames. Anybody try it yet?
  12. Thanks Cencafly, the 7500 was said in jest, it's not even in my wildest dreams. When I left they said if I ever wanted to come back or work part time to let them know, but they called me!! I've got several good friends there & I want them to have a long & fruitful future. It's only been a couple of months & haven't tied the first fly yet, something I really wanted to do a lot of. Before retirement I often thought if I could just work Jan & Feb, when I don't get outside much, would be the perfect situation. Maybe I'm getting my wish. I checked further into the SS. They say the 14160 is prorated to 1180 per month. So if I earn over 1180 per month I lose that month's SS payment. If the price is right I'll give it a go!
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