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  1. Thanks for the kind offer, a very generous bunch of people on this forum. However, just 2 days ago I ordered some purple Amherst from John MC. Matt
  2. Hi Everyone, I am tying a freestyle fly I'm on a hunt for purple cheeks. Would anyone have a few Purple feathers from the throat of a cotinga and/or Amethyst starling you would be willing to sell/trade. Pm me. Cheers Matt
  3. Interesting topic. I'm on Dave Carne's side with this. A 'classic' is what I consider an 'idealised' version of what a fly is or was originally intended to look like. Somedays I sit down to tie a classic and others a classic 'variation'. Maybe we salmon fly tyers sre just too picky. This being said I've done all of the above at some point as well. Matt
  4. Great looking fly Damian. I can think of a pool or two where that fly would most certainly take a fish on our Margaree. June 1st seems too far away! Cheers, -Matt
  5. Hi Damian, You're closer to Salmon country now. Thats good to hear. You can hit those early run cheticamp fish and not miss the First run of fresh silver in the Margaree.....heaven. I'm not sure If i'll be home this summer. I'd like to be home so that I can stalk those early run fish. Silver greys work great for me, just gotta find the right kind of water for featherwings. Those fish see so many bugs that something different like that works alot of the time. If i'm around home we can get some fishing in for sure. If you're up NewBrunswick way drop me a line, i'm a registered guide so it won't cost ya. I'm gonna go to the Dieppe show in a month so we'll get a chance to talk, and watch you tie. Cheers, -Matt
  6. Thanks for the comments guys. Ronn: I fiddled with the tinsel like you suggested and the gap is almost gone, I didn't think it would so easy to fix. Thanks for the suggestion. Jens: This is one of my top producers- 16 salmon last season on a #2 Silver Grey. I wouldn't leave home without a couple. -Matt
  7. After I broke my Camera and my Laptop. Had to send my laptop to Toronto just before Christmas, and it gets lost in the mail for over a month, then another month to fix it. I love technology(pure sarcasm). I'm finally getting back on track. Haven't posted a fly in ages. This is one of my favorites. I buggered up the tinsel near the hackle tie in point, never noticed because of the hackle. Cheers, -Matt
  8. I love to tie classics, but I love to fish for salmon even more. I spend as much time on the water as possible from opening day untill the last day of the season. I start early season in New Brunswick, then travel from Nova Scotia and Quebec as the opportunity arises. Late season I reserve solely for my lovely Margaree in Cape Breton. Akroyds and silver greys are classics that produce well for me, especially in nice cold early season water. Cheers, -Matt
  9. Great Fly! My Favorite. Hard to find Teal/Pintail for that wing isn't it. The birds just don't get big enough for large flies. Cheers, -Matt
  10. Great looking fly. I've caught one pile of salmon on the Sweep. Cheers, -Matt
  11. Happy Birthday Ronn. Love the hooks you sent! Cheers, -Matt
  12. Great looking fly! For herl in the wing I use herl off of large peacock eye sticks, I find them easier to work with, and they tend to have a better texture. Cheers, -Matt
  13. For me at least, fall salmon fishing is back to basics- Mickey Finn, Ally Shrimps and Muddlers of all colors routinely do the trick. I never leave without a couple Green Highlanders, Silver Greys and a few marabou abominations! Cheers, -Matt
  14. Great fly Dave! Do you dye your own wing material or is it bought? That shade of blue is as damn near perfect as I've seen in a while! Cheers, -Matt
  15. Environmental Hydraulics and River Engineering is one of my fields of study, and it pursuaded me to build 'flow boxes' to determine how certain flies and variations in them cause flies to fish differently, and sparsness does make a difference, however as already said, it has alot to do with the knot. With a properly tied knot( turle worked best in my tests) and tension in the line caused by the flow, most flies will swim properly, or at least upright. However, tying properly balanced flies is important. When tying hairwing, I tie everything off either on top, or on bottom of the shank to keep a proper balance on the hook. Classics, when tied decently are usually well balanced because everything is tied on in pairs. If the fly is not balanced it will sometimes swim back and forth ( left to right), as rotated around an axis ( hook shank). This is what I've found with my flow models at least. I realize itall sounds a little ridiculous and involved, but the hardwater season can be mean to a guy! Cheers, -Matt
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