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  1. Going into zonker mode Tied on a Ahrex FW580 #6: https://flyhooks.org/ahrex/fw-580-wet-fly
  2. Knox: Silver Speal http://flypattern.org/authors/arthur-edward-knox/book/autumn-on-the-spey/pattern/silver-speal Hook: Alec Jackson 2091 #1.5 https://flyhooks.org/alec-jackson/2091-blind-eye-spey
  3. A pattern after John Sand: http://flypattern.org/authors/john-sand/book/patterns/pattern/husmannsflua Hook: #10-14 (here a Mustad 73100 #10: http://flyhooks.org/mustad/73100 ) Tail: Short tuft nylon floss Body: First 1/3-1/2 flat silver tinsel, rest black wool Hackle: Black hen
  4. @ A yellow & partridge spider + a winged one. Tied on http://flyhooks.org/ahrex/fw-580-wet-fly
  5. A set of Lady Caroline on a #2 Ken Sawada hook http://flypattern.org/search?s=lady%20caroline http://flyhooks.org/ken-sawada/sl2
  6. I always look forward to seeing what you are up to. Excellent work as usual. Kimo Thanks Kimo!
  7. Black King from Knox: http://flypattern.org/authors/arthur-edward-knox/book/autumn-on-the-spey/pattern/black-king Body: Black berlin wool Rib: Gold and silver, alternate Hackle: Black cock Throat: guinea Wing: Mallard
  8. Lady Caroline side of the box done http://flypattern.org/search?s=lady%20caroline
  9. One of the last in February: a black spey freestyle borrwing some elements from Lady Caroline
  10. Lady Caroline: http://flypattern.org/search?s=lady%20caroline Hook: Daiichi 2051 #1.5 http://flyhooks.org/daiichi/2051
  11. How long is it taking you to knock these out now? You're getting consistently brilliant on them. If I have everything in front of me: about 1 hour for these smaller ones, I don't rush it. Doing many in one sitting helps
  12. A couple of Green Highlanders on a #1 Partridge M2 hook, still a long way to go before the season starts.....
  13. Three classics ready this morning: Jock Scott, Green Highlander and Black Doctor, all tied on Partridge M2 #2/0
  14. Looking good: the body work is getting better and the ribs are nice and even! A few tips: flatten out the silk you are using - look at the tag, it has some bumps. If possible: use smaller tinsel for the tag, makes the fly look much better. Try a shorter wing, that will help out with the overall impression of the pattern, and will help with the topping flowing over the wing.
  15. Some of the last in January: Jock Scott on Partridge M2 #2/0 http://flyhooks.org/partridge/m2-heavy-salmon-single http://flypattern.org/search?s=jock scott
  16. Another Sunturn Flare, this time on a Flemming No.4 hook
  17. Not fully gutted this one, but I'll sure tie up some of this to fish with next year!
  18. The 5th edition of my sunturn tradition, a freestyle fly inspired by good music, a good beer and the winter solstice: http://flyfisher.org/2018/12/sunturn-flare/
  19. Miss Elinor on a Mustad 3582C #4
  20. Thanks all! Appreciate the nice words
  21. Here is a rather large Floodtide on a #8/0 iron. Had to do a couple of adjustments to get the material to fit on this large hooks, but the end result was not bad
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