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  1. Some good flashbacks then Head: it is all about planning and time! Hendrix with Star Spangled Banner is one I could relive daily. Thank Eide for another virtuoso performance! Should do a Hendrix-themed pattern
  2. Some good flashbacks then Head: it is all about planning and time!
  3. A orange parson with purple tag, one of the last for 2017.
  4. + 1, you mean "fishing," correct? must be fishing
  5. eide

    Jock Scott

    So, as mentioned, a lot of this is about triggering a response if you get close ( a lot of salmon fishing is about that, and then it is not neccesary to have a close imitation) They might not make sense all the time when it comes to imitation, but: look at the darker roof and lighter belly on a lot of these. The JC "eye" and movement of a spey fly - this makes sense when it comes to trigger response from salmon.
  6. eide

    Jock Scott

    Thanks guys! Appreciate it Tied up another tonight:
  7. eide

    Jock Scott

    That is also sub that I got off ebay. DITTO! Kimo Thanks Kimo!
  8. eide

    Jock Scott

    Cheeks are Kingfisher, don't have much chatterer to spend..... Horns are blue macaw. For a one-off like this I get and assemble as I go, so 3-3.5 hours with a coffee break Mike: Thanks Mlandry & Bimini!
  9. Jock Scott #4/0 on a CS6, not for fishing this time
  10. Start out easy, don't need much material for a Durham Ranger. Then come back and post your fly and we'll have a look at it!
  11. Excellent info guys! Going through and collecting as much info as I can now, so I might come back with more questions later when I get a good picture on what I'm going to do!
  12. Working on some Dee patterns, thought I'd do a freestyle on a #5/0 long dee hook. I like the colors on this one. The dark body and wing with the long flowing grey heron hackle.
  13. A Highland Gem, a great pattern that will generate a lot of movement in the river
  14. Heading to the ASFI to tie next year: http://www.asfi-expo.com/canada/index.php - and looking for locations to go fishing in the area. Good guides, rivers, lakes or any other things that I should go see while I'm over ht
  15. Been busy lately, but here is a Dunt on Daiichi 2271 #1 http://flyhooks.org/daiichi/2271
  16. To say your work is beautiful is an under-statement. I am amazed at how much stuff you put on the head, and while maintaining very little bulk. What thread do you use? For tying in hand I use Pearsall's Gossamer silk, well waxed.
  17. And a order for some classics, these will be heading out for fishing 2018
  18. A autumn where a lot of things have been happening, but finally sitting down to do some more tying: Blacker - shannon number 12, on a #4/0 2xl, tied in hand.
  19. #28 TMC 2488 http://flyhooks.org/tiemco/tmc2488 Time for some trout fishing this weekend
  20. A small GH on Ahrex HR414 #4 - got to take away a little bit when going down in size
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