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  1. Good to get orders that include fully dressed salmon patterns that are being fished with
  2. A couple of classics that is heading north
  3. That looks good! Does the tail foul much? Is there a mono loop somewhere at the base of the tail? Thanks for sharing. Will be testing Haven't much experience with these large mouse patterns (yet). But: will be refining the pattern as I see how it works out.
  4. Testing out some new stuff: mouse on a #4/0 Ahrex Aberdeen Predator S/E
  5. Send me a pm. with what you are after, I might be able to help you out there This set was a order for a wedding.
  6. Dodger on a #3/0 Alec Jackson spey hook
  7. Thanks! They are about 1/0 And the pin makes this a #$% to deal with.... Hope so too! Looking forward to see the set all lined up
  8. An order for Green Highlander on a brooch for groom and groomsmen!
  9. Thanks! They are cock pheasant
  10. Black Prince, or: how to stack too many GP crests on top of eachother
  11. Tippet & Black https://flytyer.org/eide/pattern/tippet-black
  12. Jungle Cock Silver - partridge M2 #6 https://flytyer.org/eide/pattern/jungle-cock-silver
  13. Jay & Peacock on a #6 Partridge M2 hook: https://flytyer.org/eide/pattern/jay-and-peacock
  14. All Partridge Hook: TMC2499SP-BL #12 Body: Aftershaft from hackle feather Hackle: Partridge
  15. you can search here: https://flyhooks.org/search - Shank size & gap - that will give you some alternatives for 2xs and 2xw Yeah... bad case of file system that crashed, but: I have backups, so now it is running smoothly on a new server!
  16. Not directly from the vise, but newly organized seatrout box: had to see what I was missing.... Apparently need more jiggy!
  17. Tied at a fair this weekend, had to fill up the box with some new flies
  18. I always save the first of each pattern, and then some as I improve. That's the name Popham's will come, just got some other (non-flyfishing/flyting related) stuff going on these days I'll make sure to post pics after use Absolutely, that's what they are for! Thanks!
  19. Thanks! Yes, looks good *before* I go fishing, the box won't be this nice after the season is done!
  20. Been busy with work lately so I haven't tied up much, but this winter I've finished up this side of the classic salmon box
  21. Another eagle, getting into dying material, so we had to see if we could get some yellow/golden variations
  22. Eide, I have read that in North America the A. Salmon is the toughest freshwater fish to catch and pound-for-pound the best fighter. Has that been your experience, too? Another top effort from vice and camera, hoping they don't snub your fly or break it or shake it. Thanks for posting Don't know how it is in North America, but here in Norway it sure is!
  23. Small double for late-season fishing up north after atlantic salmon
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