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  1. My flies will be in the mail over the weekend
  2. I'm in - haven't done a swap for a year or 2 - should be fun for the year. Just got my 12 yr old his 1st tying kit for Christmas - might have to use it to teach him some flies!!!
  3. Is it too late to get into one of these swaps? I'd love to try to tie some colorful dry patterns... Thanks Dan
  4. Shipped to riffleriversteelheadslayer on 3/30 Box is very full...might want to think about splitting it up! Dan
  5. I'll be tying an adult blue damsel in foam and bucktail Dan
  6. Can I get into the swap? I'll send in some light Cahills Dan
  7. I'd like to get in...can I let you know a pattern this weekend?
  8. Where should I ship it? ...I guess you're next Paul Dan
  9. Just got the box from Col Mel... lots of stuff...box is packed to the top. All wrapped up and ready to ship...who's next? Dan I teach a tying class at my church... do you all think it would it be ok to let the group (5 guys and a 12 yr old) each swap out an item in the next box? I'll sign for it and ship it, just take it to my class one night and then ship it out the next day.
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