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  1. peacock and starling. The starling feathers were harvested from an intruder that broke into my house.
  2. Yeti

    Fish Pictures

    I live and fish in western oregon.
  3. Yeti

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    A hog of a steelhead I got to land for my friend last sunday. It was just shy of 19 lbs!
  4. I've used rio's skagit max short and the commando heads. The both take some getting used to because of the amount of weight and short length. I currently use the Rio head with the OPST Lazar line on my 11' TFO deer creek 7wt switch. I really like the Lazar line for a running line. It really launches. I would recommend getting a heavier lb test like 35-40 because its easier to grip. I have also put that skagit head onto my 10' 8 wt redington CPX. its pretty fun to cast but it definitely wears out the wrist muscles. I guess if you are looking for a compact setup a single hand skagit is the way to go. I just like having that switch/spey handle to manipulate the rod.
  5. I like that one! I think it could do well for many species. Steelhead as a more drab natural comeback fly to change to when you get those short strikes.
  6. Yeah, and for comparison, I'm 6'4"! We also got some halibut on that trip that were 6.5 ft long. absolute barn doors!
  7. yeah Joe, its a long-nose skate. And, yes, that is what you think is coming out of it. Except, not for that reason. I might have put the gaff through it and caused a leak.
  8. This is me working as a fisheries observer on commercial boats in Alaska.
  9. A summer steelhead pattern I fiddled with, and a tan antron caddis pupa. clear cure goo over the body and a realistic caddis bead head.
  10. I dont really know much about ohio steelhead, but if you are flying somewhere to target them I would go Northwest. There are a lot of rivers in Oregon and Washington that have summer runs. The rogue river has a really fun "half-pounder" run in september-ish. google it. I can't imagine the scenery is any better than the northwest. I know its a difficult river to learn, but if you are looking for a guide, get one for the North Umpqua and fish some of the most fabled and legendary steelhead water in the world.
  11. Funny you mentioned spinning it. I tried that on a dubbing loop for a small sculpin pattern the other day. I liked it. think i'll keep it.
  12. It could be a piece of Robin Williams' knuckle hair.
  13. I found some American Buffalo as I was going through some things. Worth keeping? Any ideas?
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