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  1. I found some other picture for you in my database about the details on the wings. I know it's a huge one, but it will help you to start to create these ones. martie, if you like to see more photo's of my creatures, on face book (martie van den brand)
  2. hello there, To me, i've just figure it all out. This is some packaging material what we get every week into the mailbox(advertising). it's thin, crispy, and looks good to me. The vein problem is actually easy. The thinnest steelwire i can get, a few dropps of superglue and paint it black. Sorry guys, there's no hook in this one. The reply is only ment for techniques some new ideas for you realistic tiers. I like to create the wings of any flying creature, those are the real detail i want to achieve, and of course share it to anyone. if anyone want to know how i put the pattern on this material, let me know. martie
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