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  1. looks pretty cool! have you tried it with anything other than alpaca ???
  2. a friend posted this site on FB and as i was looking through it i found this link that has Skip's book for sale & it looks like a 'regular' price -- rather than what is posted on amazon.... My link hope i posted this right....the book is about mid-page. OOPS sorry, it's a DVD, not the book...but may be a good reference anyway.
  3. Jolly Red, if you figure out a way to tie Round Dinny's, please let me know they are my FAV top water pattern! the bass pro store here doesn't carry them anymore as i used to buy them.
  4. great looking fly, thanks for the post! i too like the tie of tying the rabbit on down around the hook bend to keep it from fouling..
  5. agreed....which is why i'm not so sure i want to fish in Ark anymore.....as least the White River...now the challenge is in finding a good shoe that will help me stay upright on slippy surfaces !!!
  6. yes, nice!!! I like the looks of the worm.
  7. Hi Margaretann! glad to see another lady here....where in TX are you ? i have a friend who, for the past two years has attended 'Octoberfisch' in Junction Tx. Are you close ?
  8. I am in Springfield- where are you all ?? and where do you like to fish locally ??
  9. ......endorsed by the boot companies.......wasn't aware it would apply to Taney though..
  10. new waders without boots attached......
  11. here is a video from Mark VanPatten on how to treat felt soles-- looks messy, but might be worth a try before buying new waders.. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n_udcfZqA_w
  12. i love fishin poppers and those look great!!! with all the wine my DH drinks, i could stock a fly shop with poppers!
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