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  1. I think somebody got their Brownie uniform 1 size too small
  2. Rest assured, since you have never been, you will be amazed and overwhelmed
  3. While I am in the business of selling custom rods ( and have been for over 50 years) My suggestion is to get him something inexpensive to start and learn with. A lot of the new generation of kids take to it, a lot of others do not. One can always progress forward after the initial encounter and find that they are really into it, others is just isn't their passion. We experience this a lot in the rod building industry. A person thinks it will be great to jump into it, goes for all upper level building tools and components, then the nex thing you see is a ad or ebay post where the stuff is for sale, at a substancial loss. Is he going to do or like it any better with the 40 or 50.00 kit, or the 850.00 Sage or Winston. I really do not think so. Start conservative and progress from there I can assure you that fish he is trying to catch does not know the difference in either rod
  4. Wow, and thanks for the book. The gentleman asked as simple question, and you have to write a thesis on it. While a lot of it is very informative, it is way above the needs of the OP. I think Steeldrifter more than adequately answered the question. All your charts and graphs just lead a person to more complications in solving the question at hand. If he is going to have a custom one built, then that info could come into play.possibly and he should get with a professional builder who will line him out on the best and most feasible choice for a build. Aside from that for his application he simply needs to go to one of the stores check out several different models . that will fit his style and abilities.
  5. Doh, John, he says right in the posting its a 9' 10wt
  6. I mix it up with my dubbing, and makes some great simi seal leaches, as well as some other patterns
  7. It is indeed a 3/8 32 thread They use that size to be able to enable a better hold of the stem attachment to the base. There are taps that size out there, and you may be able to dril and tap a piece of round or square stock aluminum to do the job you want. I double checked the size, as I do have 2 of them in stock since I am also one of their dealers
  8. Definitely do not overlook the Wolff Ind Atlas. Also American made, with a lifetime warranty. And presently at a price of 124.99 with a free Bobbin cradle, really hard to beat. Includes both a base mount and clamp style mount. Suitable for hooks from 7/0 to 32.
  9. Thanks for the kudo's guys, but as with anything else out there, the ultimate decision lies with the purchaser. Kinda like vehicles, its what appeals to the buyer the most. As stated before, all are good choices. If mine was all that was out there, then it would be a monopoly, the price would be higher, and thats not my feelings on how a business should be run. Actually, competition is kinda fun, as long as you keep the inferior products out of the equation.
  10. Nothing wrong with any of the vises mentioned, just different features
  11. As stated before, I sell them for 124.99 shipped. And they are in stock http://www.southwestcustomrods.com/products/fly-tying-related/wolff-indiana-vises
  12. My price on the Atlas has been a 124.99 shipped for the last 3 years. They had a price increase last month, but I have chosen to just absorb it and maintain the pricing. I also manufacture a very nice bobbin cradle for them at a modest 15.00 more. In the last 3 years, I have sold appx 75 of them, and only had one returned by a customer, as it was not what he was after
  13. Just buy one of the Wolff Ind Atlas vises for 125.00 shipped. Lifetime warranty and totally US manufactured. Comes with both a clamp as well as a nice heavy base
  14. I don't think he actually made reference to the different casting abilities of individuals, merely the actual optimum line rating for a specific blank. I have 2 identical 5wt's that I built, I do best with a 5wt line on it, my wife has better success with a 6wt on it. My R & D guy throws it equally proficient and actually better that the 2 of us with a 4, 5, or 6wt on it. But in turn, the way he casts, he could probably throw it with a rope on it.
  15. Well Steve, I guess with our combined 70 years of building, we don't know crap. I love wannabe's. We merely stated facts in the rod building industry, he stated a personal opinion with no fact
  16. Quite the contrary on the manufactures. When they are designing a prototype, its one of the formulas they use to come up with their design. Also the reason some people will find that their store bought 5wt performs better with a 6wt line. I have performed a CCS on a few like that and found that they actually come out to being in the 6wt range.
  17. You can ger the Wolff Ind Atlas vise that is totally American mad with a lifetime warranty for 5.00 less, just does not have the bobbin holder
  18. Right handed cast with right reel with left,with the exception of bait casting then it right, right, never felt comfortable reeling a bait caster with my left hand
  19. Here's a review on both models of the Wolff Ind vises. http://www.azbythefly.com/articles/gear-reviews
  20. Actually there is no such thing as an Anvil vise any more. They were bought out by Wolff Ind, who were the makers of the vise for Anvil. That happened about 2 or 3 years ago. The vise is the same quality and for the price, along with the lifetime warranty and entiirly manufactured in the US they are incedibly hard to beat. Yes I do have an interest in this as I am also a dealer thru Southwest Custom Rods.
  21. I am going to assume that since he is in Australia, he is referring to flyworld.com.au.
  22. It is a grouping of 21 ponds ranging to over a mile in perimeter, with all versions of carp(of which that is a member of) grass, common etc. Also has bass, Talapia,cats, bluebill, etc in them. Perfectly legal to fish there, but strictly barbless, catch and release, and no bait, artificials only.It does require a state fishing license, or a community fishing license. Here in Arizona, there are many of these type communities, some of which you must be a resident of to fish, but that one is part of the City of Avondale water reclamation project, and less than a mile from my house. I will also add that it is routinely patrolled by cities park rangers and people are check regularly
  23. Exactly, I see you caught it. I will probably get a call from him over that for sure.
  24. While my preference in those conditions would still be the 2wt, you would more than likely be adequately pleased with the 3wt.My wife's go to rod in those conditions is a 7'6" 3wt. In the pic of her that I posted she had her 3wt with her, but was fishing with my 2wt while I was tying on a different fly for her. Also keep in mind that I am a custom rod builder and have everything from a owt to a 14wt in my arsenal, and I do like to play. I was generally answering as to the capabilities of a 2wt. Overall consensus for you if you came to me requesting a build, I would most likely recommend a 3 wt for you. I also have a 8' 7pc 3wt that stays in my truck with me all the time just in case an occasion happened to present itself to me while venturing around and not really going specifically on a fishing expedition. (Pond, canal, creek, stream, mud puddle, large aquarium, etc)
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