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  1. This is the first I've heard of this....what happened? I agree, Reggie was a role model of a person.... Marc
  2. Part of my request is for them to pick up the tab on an apartment for 6 months so I can get familiar with the area prior to buying a home. I did a 6 city speaking tour along the Hudson Valley a couple years ago during the fall. Some of the most beautiful country I've seen. I'm just not familiar with the NYC area and am a little scared of the cost of living. We are still going back and forth on the salary, but I'm sure they will get close to my requested number eventually. Thanks for the fishing input Tei... Marc
  3. I am currently negotiating with my company about a move to Uniondale, NY. I'm concerned with the cost of living, as well as the amount it will cost me to purchace a home in that area. Does anyone have any input on this area? Is there affordable homes within a 45 minute drive from Uniondale? I have never been there and many have told me it's quite expensive. I would really like to get some additional information while we are negotiating a salary range. ALso, what's the fishing like there? I never thought I'd be leaving Michigan, but it's time to move on.... I appreciate any help in response. Marc
  4. As I read this post, my thoughts were the same as the previous two reply's....... I would much rather leave the species alone, hoping the lack of fishing presure would eventually lead to it's removal from the endangered list... just my .02 Marc
  5. Wrong pic Sean, that's when he's releaving himself!
  6. kingfisher2

    Fall colors

    Really interesting this year. My co-worker just returned from Mackinaw Island and all the trees were still green. The mainland was at it's peak fall colors. It's interesting how the water temps have had such a big effect on the island. Marc
  7. Hey Art....how's those glasses doing and how many times have you bowed to the fish kings?
  8. Ralf, river smallies tend to be more independent, not schooling, unless they are chasing bait by a river mouth or dam. I use to target them religiously and never found more than two in any holding place. Crayfish imitations were my best fall bait. Of course these were body baits...... Marc
  9. You know, as soon as I hit send, Tuesday night crossed my mind...oops! You got me..I still do not remember getting home...did I thank you for the boat ride? lol
  10. Ralf you are full of shit! I have never seen you drink "A LITTLE"
  11. I will be driving to the west side of Michigan and fishing in the Manistee Salmon tournament Saturday, then heading to the cottage for some brown trout fishing Sunday and Monday..... Gotta love this time of the year! Marc
  12. kingfisher2

    Be warey

    My Snake Story... I was wading a back water pond in Florida just as the sun was going down. My 3" white mister twister had caught the edge of the weeds. As I was attempting to dislodge it, a head popped up right next to it. I hollored over to my partner that a huge bullfrog was in front of me, when all of a sudden the thing hit my bait. As I lifted my pole, I notice this critter had a tail, and a long one....4-5 feet. It was a Mocassin.....As I shook my pole, the snake fell off and disappered in the water... You should of seen the both of us running for land....... Marc
  13. great story....reminds me of OLD MAN AND THE SEA...one of my favorites.
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