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  1. Great fly, Adam. I feel the fever coming too. Looking forward to see you running along Skjern River with 20lbs at the end of the line, while I'm landing 30 lbs. Mvh Martin - Tak for sidst.
  2. Hi. Anybody interested in WT, send me a PM. Mvh Martin
  3. I might be able to help too. Mvh Martin
  4. Fine Goku, I will let you do the step by step. Looking forward to see it. Mvh Martin
  5. Sure Dave. Beware of the Scandinavians. The vikings ruled, so will we. Now we are good at heads, wait and see when we get all the way to the tag. Mvh Martin
  6. I'm with Jamie, it is a very nice fly Mike, and great to see someone takes the challenge to tie some the more unusual patterns that several of the 19th century books are full of. Thank you. Mvh Martin
  7. Congratulations Lee. You have really succeded with this first handtied fly. It looks great and so does the pictures. Critisism: Hmm, as Kjell-Ove says the hackle is a little to long for the sparce wing. There are 19 more flies in the "Jones" plates, so keep them coming. Mvh Martin
  8. Thank you for your nice words. I might consider doing another one sometime. Mike, The hook is from a lot of antique hooks I bought long time ago. I wish I had more information about it, and that I could get some more of it. Mark, Here is the pattern, selfcomposed Hook #1 Tag: Oval silver tinsel Tail: Bankasian Cockatoo Body: Red seal's fur Rib: Oval silver tinsel Wing: Pair of Western Tragopan breast feathers, with two spread jungle cock on each side Front hackle: Yellow hen Head: Black wool The gut is tied in first, going to the tag (fishing ability). Allthought the hackle is hen, I would have preferred it might have been more soft and webby, so there is room for improvement here. Mvh Martin
  9. Kjell-Ove, Shawn. Thank you very much for the nice words. Tommy's fly is tied with vise, mine without. Mvh Martin
  10. Well, Marbury flies are not my normal field, but what I have seen on this page of beautyful MOM flies has inspired me so much I had to give the style a try. This might be the one and only, depending on you guys. Tell me what you think. Mvh Martin
  11. For your amusement, here is two af the Black Argus flies a couple of freinds and I tied one great saturday a month ago or so. Tommy's to the left and mine to the right. The fly is a real challenge, end a tinsel body at the head, tie in 18 feathers and horns with no front hackle to hide behind is a killer. Mvh Martin
  12. Hmm, The Fishing Gazette of course, not The Fishing Magazine. Mvh Martin
  13. Great fly, Mike. First time I have seen the Silver Popham. It might have been popular once, as it appears several times in The Fishing Magazine in the 1880's. Mvh Martin
  14. Try to pull the fibres behind of the point of tie in back and give them a layer of varnish qnd let it dry. Mvh Martin
  15. Great to see pictures of some of the guys hidíng behind the names here on the forum. Especially posing in the relaxed style. How fun it must have been. I wish I could get there sometime. Mvh Martin
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