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  1. Great fly, Adam. I feel the fever coming too. Looking forward to see you running along Skjern River with 20lbs at the end of the line, while I'm landing 30 lbs. Mvh Martin - Tak for sidst.
  2. Try this link: http://globalflyfisher.com/gallery/wallpapers/ Mvh Martin
  3. Here are some pictures of my windshield the only frosty morning in these parts until now. Mvh Martin
  4. Hr. Bach

    My desktop

    Hi, Just wanted to share the desktop on my PC at work with you. Anyone with a better one? Mvh Martin
  5. Here is the one I prefer. More comfortable the a basket and don't tangle the line Flexi Stripper Mvh Martin
  6. Hr. Bach

    Happy guys

    The fish was caught in river Maalselva in Norway.
  7. Hr. Bach

    Happy guys

    No wonder why these guys sounds a little happy. The clip begins 1½ hour into a fight with a fish, they thought was world largest seatrout. #7 rod #12 fly and very thin leader. Weight on the good side of 42 pound. Later examination showed it to be a crossing salmon/seatrout. ENJOY Mvh Martin Polarflua
  8. Thank you flytire. 52" - something of a pike I would say. Mvh Martin
  9. Hi. An american colleague have just dropped me a mail telling about his catch of an "52 inch northern". Anyone to tell me what kind of fish that is? Mhv Martin
  10. Sorry for late reply, just seen this post right now. Payment +xtra for postage is on its way with PayPal for 1 Chestnut and 1 Maroon size L Mvh Martin
  11. I'll take 1 chestnut and 1 Maroon size L Mvh Martin
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