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  1. :scooter: Royal Trudes heading for the post office shortly. Hope everyone is doing well and had good holidays. A few extras included for the SM. Thanks for hosting. :cheers:
  2. Thanks BFR mfor hosting and thanks to IBRB for the sweet Royal Wulffs. They will be put to good use on my next trip to the mountains. Merry Christmas to all, and to all a line that is tight! May the new year bring you many blessings, especially those with fins! Spanky
  3. Thanks for the challenge guys! I ended up dipping some small needle nose pliers in plasti-grip to handle some of the materials without slippage. They ended up kind of hairy but I still think they will catch fish. I put some regularly tied flies to donate so the vets would have some variety. troutnabout, hopefully one of these days things will work out that I'm up your way during one of your activities. I would love to get involved. I work on a Marine base and wish fly fishing/tying was more popular on the coast so we could have a similar activity here. :headbang: Spanky Semper Fi
  4. Congratulations to the winners and to all who participated. A great set of flies to be sure. Spanky
  5. If anyone has the addy please PM me.Mine are done and I don't want to hold us up. Spanky
  6. Mine are in the mail. The extras without tags are for you BFR. Wish I had time to do more. Thanks for hosting. Spanky
  7. Addy Please. Truely a challenge. If not for the ideas shared here I would have really been lost. Thanks to everyone for the great ideas and especially thanks to those who have given so much in service to our country. Semper Fi
  8. Flies are on the way! Spanky
  9. Mine should go out tomorrow. Got by Gander Mtn on my last trip to see family and restocked my supplies. Hope you like 'em. Spanky
  10. Not sure if it is my computer or if others see the same. On the logged in as: line , Blogs, Members, calendar and search are superimposed over, My assistant, My friends, new messages. If it is me, any ideas on how to fix? Spanky
  11. :wallbash: :wallbash: Man, am I glad I checked back on this thread. I've been really struggling with methods and ideas for imposing a disability and making the flies presentable. As always, the folks on this forum share ideas and inspiration. Now I'm motivated and better educated. Look out, Marine on the vise! Spanky
  12. :bugeyes: :bugeyes: Flies are on the way! Finally had a little inspiration and tried something new for me. Hope the winner and SM like 'em. Put a few extras in for the SM and one for the winner. Spanky
  13. Not sure what's up with the last set. If no word by the weekend, I'll sort and send 'em out. This is a sweet set and I was hoping we would be 100%. Hate to see anyone miss out but the show must go on. Spanky Let me know as you receive them. I hope everyone is as pleased as I am.
  14. :headbang: :headbang: One more to go. This is going to be an awesome set! Spanky
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