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  1. The usual suspects, huh? I will have to pick up some of those. I hit a couple last week on nuke eggs (pink/char.) on a local river.
  2. Sounds like a good weekend to me. Taking fish on plugs is pretty exciting. It's tough to reproduce that hit on a fly, that's for sure. What colors worked best for you?
  3. Cool, got a pic, Ralf? I could use seeing a chromer at work today...lol
  4. I'm with Northern. Try the nuke eggs. McFly Foam for a little color in the middle and yarn for the veil. Cant beat em....
  5. I will not be able to attend. Hope everyone has a good time.
  6. QUOTE I wonder if that's how DanSteelieman got his start? I wouldn't worry. People Like DanSteelieman are born. Cool post!
  7. Hoping to be there! Never know what work will be like then but would like to see some of you fellas again/meet some new folks. Should be a blast.
  8. I have run into some in the Grayling area with the same attitude. Their ways are right and everyone else is wrong. It doesnt take a genius to see your point. Not sure what some peoples problem is.... I also am sorry to hear of the loss of your friend. I just lost a friend the same age on Saturday. Funeral was yesterday. Very very sad days.... Too young to check out.
  9. mickey

    Happy Birthday!

    Happy Birthday, dude!! Hope you get a chance to enjoy the day!
  10. Have a buddy grab the end and then walk your line out. Then pull to stretch. If you're alone, then use a trailer hitch or tree to hold the other end.
  11. mickey


    I usually run my nymph as a dropper off a dry too unless I wanna be deep...then I use the little twist indicators (will look at package for name), polypro yarn, or pinch floats. I have caught lots of fish with em and do not think they spook the fish. I have had fish hit the indicator several times. Need to put a hook on that thing...lol
  12. 15 lbs. seems a lot for a boat that size. I use an 8 lbs. anchor on my 8 ft. dryfly and it stops me pretty good even in faster waters. I wouldn't stop in rapids or anything but for the upper manistee it worked great. On the Mo, I use a 10 lbs. mushroom. Does the job in the slower waters there. Like Shoe said, I usually stop and fish but like during the hex, I will stop mid river if I hear a slurper and fish from my position. I also second having a knife handy just in case you need to let her go.
  13. I don't wear a tie to work very often and I don't seem to have a problem with disrespectful students in my classroom. I'm not saying I don't dress nice for work, but I like the circulation to my head. lol Best teaching advice is to be yourself and if a tie is it, that is probably the difference in your observations.
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