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  1. Exceptionally well written article discussing the the UV rage currently going around many fly tying circles... UV Colours for Trout - Fact or Fallacy. by Leonard Fleming
  2. A very informative article by Leonard Fleming detailing a few lessons learnt from his recent Socotra trip. http://feathersandfluoro.com/2014/10/30/5-flies-for-the-tropical-salt/
  3. An interesting concept. While these are for crabs, your options are pretty endless! Feathersandfluoro - Do you even crab?
  4. Some ideas and awesome tying by South Africa Peter Coetzee... http://feathersandfluoro.com/2014/04/14/experimenting-with-silicone-claws/
  5. Peter Coetzee had a good look at which materials work best for a fly that despite its potential has seemed to fade off the radar a bit (at least out here in SA!) http://feathersandfluoro.com/2014/03/10/changing-the-game-on-the-game-changer/
  6. Very cool SBS for the Sponge Bob Slider at http://feathersandfluoro.com/2014/01/28/tying-the-sponge-bob/
  7. A fly for difficult trout. Can be a bugger to tie but has been known to change fortunes! Yuri Janssen's Gangnam Style Fly
  8. What i love is that you can convert almost any fly into a slider by carrying a couple of gurgler/popper heads in your bag. Just thread your leader through and push the head back over the fly. Wet fly now a slider (or popper)
  9. I recently was given a J-Vice for my 30th birthday. Life changing. They're beautifully made and are "buy forever" products. They have an array of attachments and gadgets. www.jvice.com
  10. Although this is a South African species and I know the concept is not new, a surprising amount of fisherman have not heard of/thought of/used this method when targeting ambush species in deeper water. Dusky Cob and The Sponge Bob Slider has a look into the thoughts behind a simple and effective fly concept that has broad applications. Enjoy!
  11. If Tuna and Tarpon are a target, get a 12wt. While I've only briefly fished for Tarpon, I have caught several tuna species around the Indian Ocean Islands and you want backbone, especially if you happen hook something from 15lb up. And if you're targetting tuna, there's the very real chance of hooking up to other BIG ANGRY fish that will hurt a 10wt. Rather bully the smaller fish a bit and be ready for that trophy - you will spit fire if you lose a fish of a lifetime because you were undergunned. And with an 80lb plus Tarpon I reckon you would be hard pressed to land without doing damage to fish and/or yourself and gear on a 10wt. But for the bluewater stuff, don't go less than a #12! The TCiRx #12 is a great rod. A couple of good friends fish them and have been able subdue most fish hooked in the blue on them!
  12. Okay, so its an actual knot rather tying a loop or connector into the fly. Thanks Sandflyx
  13. fdavis

    Fish Pictures

    Hey All. Just had a look through the posts of fish pics. Some very nice fish. Not much tropical stuff though so I figured I'd post the photo report from our March Farquhar trip. It's a few months old but the fish are still good : March Farquhar Trip
  14. Hi All Was chatting to a friend who has just got back for Iceland. He was telling how the guys there tie their flies so that that can attach the tippet down the hook shank (not on the traditional eye point). I've never heard of this before although it does make sense. This obviously changes the angle of the fly as it swings across the current and possibly gives it a more realistic effect/swim path. Do any of you tie using this method? Have you heard of it? Any examples, explanations, links, etc would be appreciated.
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