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  1. I remember now. It was the Trude. Very effective when tied with an orange body to imitate an October Caddis.
  2. Years ago, I tied a fly that was originally tied using some hair from a Springer Spaniel. It was a very effective fly for the October Caddis hatch, but I can't remember the name. Can anybody help me hear?
  3. I've been trying to find some partridge feathers in the small packet and I can't find any locally. I can find partridge skins, but I don't want to pay $35 for $5 worth of feathers. Does anybody know where I can find partridge feathers in brown and natural for the smallest amount in shipping? I'm planning to tie a bunch of soft hackles this winter so I can join the crowd of folks next spring who have caught fish on soft hackles. Thanks, Lotech Joe
  4. The lakes around here are still frozen over and I'm bored, so I'm tying up some Partridge & Orange Soft Hackles in anticipation of hungry Bluegills and Crappies. Anybody else here chase these denizens of the deep? What are your favorite bugs to use?
  5. I seem to have developed and interest in Crappies & Bluegills. Is there anyone here who ties specifically for those fish?
  6. I'm wondering what everyone's favorite sub-surface fly is for Crappie and Bluegill.
  7. Retired with disability in 2011. Before that I was a warehouseman. Shipping & Receiving and Order Picking.
  8. The mountain background is a picture of Mt. Rainier in Washington State. It's on one of my mouse pads.
  9. I found this fly pattern one day on the internet and thought it looked like an easy tie and a good producer. I was right in both cases. I took it out to a small local lake and started catching Bluegills, one after another. It's tied on a Mustad #12 Egg hook with Dark Brown Uni 6/0 thread and a small hank of deer hair. What a great surprise it turned out to be.
  10. Hey Rick, howdy! Just so you know, you're the guy I got the recipe from. Good to hear from you again.
  11. I plan on fishing a mohair leech this Spring in various colors, primarily black, olive and red. Does anyone else here use a mohair leech for panfish? If so, what is your favorite method? I'm planning on a free drift with short twitches.
  12. Have you considered furled leaders? I don't fish with anything else. https://www.facebook.com/lotechsleaders?notif_t=page_new_likes
  13. I fish a panfish lake about 9 miles from home. I've been a trout fisherman for my whole life, but now find I can't wade the rivers and trout lakes are too far away at times. So I've found myself recreating my pastime and pointing it in a new direction. Pointing it toward panfish; bass, crappie, bluegill & perch. Except for one fly, I'm having difficulty building an arsenal to use on panfish. What are your favorite flies for these fish?
  14. Due to my health I've had to change my favorite form of fly fishing from trout fishing rivers & streams to warmwater fishing in lakes and ponds. As a result I've had to change the flies that I routinely go to. What is your favorite warm water fly for crappies, bluegill and bass? here is my most successful fly to date. Simple and effective;
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