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  1. Great fly going to have to try that as well thanks for sharing
  2. I agree that would be great for someone with limited space.
  3. Great pattern, nice work going to tie some of those.
  4. Very! very! nice great slideshow and pics to Thanks for sharing.
  5. Thanks Grizzlybear for the great pattern going to make a few later.
  6. Good one Grizzlybear I have been using kool-aid to dye pheasant wing feathers for a few years it works great. I dye about 50 feathers at once. In a large stainless pot I bring 1 gallon of filtered water to 170 degrees add kool-aid 5-10 packs depending on color you want stir well. Add 1/2 a cup white vinegar stir. Add feathers keep them submerged in liquid. Let soak 5-10 minutes stir gently acouple of times. Remove and place on paper towels place paper towels over them and place in microwave for 30 seconds. Rinse and place on paper towels to dry. The microwave and the acid in the vinegar helps to set the dye. I hope this will help anyone who wants to do a batch of feathers.
  7. Great looking pattern I need to tie something simalar thanks.
  8. This looks like a great pattern for bass, and use up all those tail clumps. Mike
  9. Going to have to tie a few of theses what a great hopper pattern thanks.
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