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  1. Girls around the block just got 2 tickets for $4,000 each as they used to live in the New Jersey neighborhood where they attended impromptu practice sessions blocks away. Was told if tickets went to $15K were going to sell. Never attended one of his concerts, but from PBS shows look like they are probably a good event.
  2. Within a few days of receiving an FPL surge protection insurance fee of an additional about $11.00 storms interrupted service & had to move food to a beverage frig in the garage as temps went down to 30 in the freezer & 50 in the fridge . Now freezer was back to -4 while fridge dropped back to 36. Now it's the freezer up to 10 & fridge 43 as doubt the insurance was little more than pay more for what's always been in previous bills.
  3. Thanks. Sounds about as good as fly fishing the Peace River up in Desoto County where they say snook can be kept. As for shoveling the measured almost foot of heat & humidity out of the backyard; much better than that much snow & ice !
  4. Yesterday broke the string of 10 days straight of 80 degree temps as it only got into the upper 70's. Low 80's again today for about another week; but those halibut on the dinner table are better than the moratorium from red tide fish kills as can't catch & fillet snook, redfish & a few other species currently.
  5. Feel bad about having somewhat of a semi sorted mess around the roll top tying desk & bookshelves compared to your organized room....
  6. Didn't consider could unplug the USB cable from the electric charging plug as looks like it's all one piece. Works though !
  7. Guessing need to purchase a USB/iPhone cable for this Hot Spot feature to work....which I'm guessing goes into the iPhone charging cable port ?
  8. Been trying to do the same hot spot thru an iPhone for connecting to the internet as CenturyLink keeps cutting out; while their service malfeasance has become exemplary insisting need to purchase a modem - router for an additional $15 / month as have WiFi & Bluetooth to connect the Windows 10; just not sure it both are needed for a Hot Spot connection as nothing works so far.
  9. Might still be able to purchase Berkeley Erase odor removing soap.
  10. Next door neighbor has one. Not as fast as a propane grill, but the burgers did come out pretty juicy after about 25 minutes for being medium cooked over pellets.
  11. Might be easier to see if just swapping vise heads would suit your purpose as Regal jaws come off. Whether Renzetti's jaws will fit for true rotary is to be seen.
  12. Don't utilize gel flote as just about everything floats in saltwater unless properly weighted & Mike probably fishes more freshwater as haven't even walked across the street to rip some lips off bass in quite a while....as for sewing there's 3 different sewing machines that haven't been used in a few years & as for neon thread not even for fly tying recipes.
  13. Camouflage leader sack with a contrasting thread for easy spotting to easily find the gel flote ......
  14. Been a long time since purchasing an Orvis All Rounder 8' #7 weight 4 piece graphite back in the 1980's as it also came in an All Rounder 2 piece 8'3" version. An Orvis Madison click & pawl fly reel with spare spool was paired to ir to fish for bass & sunnies; only the reel was magnesium so can't use in saltwater.
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