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  1. Here are a couple that I made last month. I have more pics but haven't compressed them yet. I think i compressed them enough this time.
  2. My scale is spot on. I use a digital scale with a plactic cup to hold the feathers in the center of the plate. A nickle weighs 5 gr. I actually order the feathers online so bringing my scale is not an option. I really don't want to make a big fuss, I just don't want to continue to be shorted. As for the quality of feathers, the schlappeen has some of the most usable feathers I have seen in a pack, the marabou is hit or miss with alot of small clumps only suitable for bugger tails, the saddles are usually pretty good, actually usually better than the Hairline ones that The Fly Shop in Portland carris. The thing is if you advertise 7gr you don't sell someone 6.3 to 5.6 gr. It is kind of frusterating when you tell soeone that you will make so many flies for them and then it turns out that you need to order more when all you really needed was 2 of the feathers that had been shorted. If they compensate me, great, if not at least they know that I know, and I will be complaining on every short batch afterwards and I'm pretty sure they would rather get the order correct than to keep paying whatever the shipping is every time they are short. Other than being shorted I really like this company. The have great service, fast shipping and pretty good quality at a good price. Thanks for the tips. I'm just going to email them a friendly reminder that I have a scale and because of past weights I will be watching for the weights to be off, and will notify them if they are. If they try to say something back I will fax them a copy of my record books with the wieghts for the last yr cataloged. I'm starting to have people ask to buy my flies and if I am going to be asked for 10% from mr I.R.S I can't be losing another 10-20% from the supply end.
  3. I have been weighing my materials since last March and every package is consistanly about 10%-20% short. Once in awhile I get a product that is spot on, but that is rare. With the amount I purchase that 10-20% racks up. When is a good time to mention this to the company. Other than that and a few instances of wrong color and being out of the product they do good business and have great prices. I had already been buying from them for a yr and I just can't see losing 10-20% every time I buy 1/4oz of feathers working out in the long run.
  4. I'm not seeing where to delete the post I'l post later when I can get these off of my phone.
  5. I have recently been woking on spey style flies after having spent a conciderable time playing around with ghost shrimp this salmon season. I told myselfe a while back that i wouldn't get all gaudy with the colors, but i just had to do a few.
  6. actually I an not really having a problem with the crests, I can eyeball those right out of the head it was the tippets that were perplexing me the are too stiff and close together to really look through them without worrying about breaking. I'll try by organizing the tippets in sets for rangers,use the not so perfect tippets for tails. I think I saew a post somewhere about using straws with slits in them to organize streamer/matuka wings, maybe that will work to keep the more organized. Someone warn me quick if I am doing it wrong before I get too far into skin.
  7. I recently purchased my first gp head. I was wondering if it was better to snip the feathers as needed or if it was better to just match them up at once such as gp tippet size,left, right? It sems overwhelming to try to pick the right one while still on the hide, but that still leaves me in how to organize it to the right size wh Idon't even know exactly what size goes on what size hook exept by sight.
  8. Here in Oregon and I am sure in other places there are quite a few lakes that are hike in that can only be stocked this way. Its kind oflike a fire fighting helicopter
  9. Hey all I just got into fly tying not to long ago and with everything kind of jumped in with full vigor. How I find poking myself with a needle and pulling my hair out when my hair wing flares less than 1mm too much rather theraputic. Right now I am really liking the look of DEE patterns. They kind of remind me of an angry wasp if done in the right colors. On the more practical end I have been tying up a bunch of hair wing wets streamers and egg patterns for sea run Cutthroat. If anyone else hails from my area of oregon wants to get together and swap stories materials or ideas let me know. All of my friends think I am nuts playing with feathers and string and what not.
  10. What is wrong with your Tag system? I have been trying to look up some DEE patterns and every time I search for Dee is says there are too few letters in the word. I looked for the tag word Dee and it just keeps sending me an error page. I am getting really sick of searching through hundreds of other steeelhead flies to find the 69 dee patterns in your archive.
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