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  1. the thing that impressed me about the guy I posted was the fact that he has such an amazing ability yet he isn't in some band yet he can play better than most of the sell-outs that put out todays records
  2. I found this guy on youtube with some mad shredding skills, too bad he's a buckeye fan I have never heard someone play a whole song by All That Remains like he can here's a link to him playing and
  3. DaUP

    Snow on the ground?

    we have about 3 inches up here and it doesn't look like it will be getting warmer anytime soon
  4. thats a great card for imaging work, I was actually looking at picking one up to replace my current card
  5. DaUP

    Totaled My Car

    Michigan is a no-fault state so the most I can get is $500
  6. which graphics card model? good choice with nvidia
  7. DaUP

    Totaled My Car

    Last night I was heading home for dinner and some jerk pulled out in front of me with his new Chevy truck, I tried to stop but the roads were icy and I ended up hitting him in between the cab and the box of the truck. Needles to say my little Saturn didn't make it, although it still runs fine the whole front clip is gone and that would be around $3000 to replace so my beloved little Saturn is now banished to the junk yard :ripped: He got a citation for causing the accident but now I have no car and no job to pay for a new one :crying: I'll post some picture once I find the camera.
  8. DaUP

    I'm Back

    Well I'm back. This summer was a rough one I went down a bad road and got roped in with the wrong kind of people. In July I got pulled over and was arrested because the police found some stuff they didn't like, I did my time and I'm doing my best to keep clean but it's hard to do. I'm going to an alternative high school now so I'm atleast able to graduate with my class instead of being a senior twice. Through all the rough spots I found out who the true friends are and sadly lost far to many, a really close friend of mine overdosed and 3 of my friends are now going to prison for various charges, but it's on them for their choices(possession with intent to deliver, domestic assault, and assault with a deadly weapon). I missed alot of fishing this last summer because of my stupid choices but hopefully I'll be able to keep my life together.
  9. i got the box and will get it sent out to faster fish this afternoon
  10. DaUP

    Im back

    well after a couple weeks without stopping by I'm back. I'm currently in the process of getting ready to move out and rent a house with a couple friends for at least this summer, I might move back home for school but im not sure at this point. I'm currently working 2 part-time jobs and getting in around 50 hours a week. I havent been able to get much fishing in lately but the house were going to rent is right next to a public pond so hopefully I will be able to get some more fishing in.
  11. DaUP


    lots of people say they are crap but I havent had a problem with them and their cheap so im gonna stick withem no matter what anyone says
  12. check out Newegg they always have great prices on memory cards and it never takes longer than 3 days to get something from them ive had good luck with Kingston patriot cards over the past couple years
  13. I would try a wool head baitfish pattern in white and black
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