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  1. When you guys post deer hair heads like this it makes me realize how much I suck. Very nice fly tying.
  2. Just been playin around today with some foam. I figured this year I would try some of these to see if I can pull a few bass on the lake. I used some CDC and some Web Wing over for the wing. Looks ok in the sun from underneath.
  3. When I first seen the photos my first thought was a Zara Spook too. A Zara Spook fly!! "The Dietrich Flook" Thanks for the instructions.
  4. As if I dont have enough to tie this winter and you go and post these. I will have to try them. Nice work!!!
  5. SMC How far can you double haul? Thanks Kirk. I filled them with another disc. Just a slight cup now. Going to do the red mouth thing on my next bunch. Cheers fellas
  6. Ive been tying up some gurglers today for bass. I think its originally a saltwater fly so thought I would put it here. Tail- DNA Halo Fusion White Body- Wapsi Palmer Chenille Pearl Gray Throat Hot orange Antron Yarn Thought maybe a throat for a trigger point. Dont know if its right or not but doubled over the foam and crazy glued it together. The body is much more plump using the palmering chenille which I like. i tried it for the heck of it and thought hey that looks ok. Sort of gives it a fur look. Im really liking the synethetics and find myself using them more and more. Even on my poppers. This DNA Frosty Fibre and Halo Fusion is nice I think. Just need to get the knack of tapering and thinning down. Ive got them tied in some funky colours
  7. This is my first go at tying up a selection of crease flies. Ive tied 5 each of sizes 2/0,1/0 and 2. Before I do anymore tying I want to make sure Im on the right track. Tail material used is DNA Halo Chromosome tied in about equal length to the body. I stuffed some small round pcs of foam in the mouth to open it up a bit. I made my template so the height of the foam is about equal to the gape of the hook. Ive tested them in the bath and all seem to land hook down. I read on here that some tie them to actually sit on their sides but I wanted a bunch to run with hook down. Im waiting on my copic marker(which I found out about on here) so hopefully my paintwork will get better. These are just done with a sharpie marker then rubbed to blend. If there is anything you would do or change please chime in. TIA
  8. Been tying some crease flies for bass fishing. I thought I would try some with rubber for the tail. They have a great action. I bought a cutter but didnt like the shape so I made my own template to fit the hook. This one if 2mm foam with pearl crystal skin over then epoxied. This is my first go at tying these so I hope Im on the right track. Tail is white and green loco legs. Hook is a Varivas 2610-V size #1/0. I like this hook as they have a nice big gape for the hook size.
  9. I bought some really nice metallic foils to put on my crease flies. I also bought some adhesive pens for crafts. It says to apply let it dry then press your foil shiny side up and put some pressure on it. I guess its like a contact cement idea glueing together while dry. The problem is its not working so well. Any tips on ahesives for foil? Ive seem PVA mentioned somewhere? TIA
  10. Go for the one that starts with a P and ends in erch!!! Looking forward to that one.
  11. You sure can paint ummm!!! Would love to see a perch. Go on I dare you.
  12. Excellent!!! I want to tie some up for smallies. A few questions you may be able to help me with? Does that hook come smaller as I said Im tying for smallies I have tons of foam and have been experimenting but plain foam looks kinda dull and lifeless. Yours look great. Is that a covering over the foam or a coating?
  13. Now the finishing.... After the angle is sanded on the head I want to try to make a blank canvas for painting. One problem with this material is it is quite pourous. I have found a solution although it takes a bit of work. I mix a white pigment paste to the epoxy. You only need a very small amount of pigment(approx 10% of the epoxies mixed weight) It not only smooths out the surface but starts to color it so it doesnt take so much white primer to cover it completely. I take a pin and push the epoxy right into the slot. I dont bother trying to fill the slot with a filler as the epoxy does this. I also like this because it really locks the hook in. This is the first coat of pigmented epoxy
  14. This stuff may work but without a releasing agent it sticks like **** to a blanket. The problem is if you use a wax spray (which is standard)in your mold the heads may not be able to be painted or finished because of the wax. I am thinking about machining a mold but have to get past this sticking/painting problem. When this stuff is poured into a mold it delevops a really nice smooth skin. If you try it and come up with a solution please let us know.
  15. Heres a few photos to give you an idea of how I am using this rigid foam First I take the big block that I poured into my "mould"and cut it into smaller chunks The square piece is turned round and drilled to give it the cupped face. The slot is made with a hacksaw blade Wrap the shank with thread and glue it into the slot with CA glue I do something a bit different for coating them. Ill put it in another post
  16. Here ya go US Composites I chose the 8lb density as it was listed as good for decoy carving. On the site they also have a good user guide for the foam. Read through that as I found it quite helpful to start. I am cutting some heads tonight so I will post some photos. Thanks tidewaterfly. They already sit quite low in the film. I think you guys are right and will test some dressed ones.I am really happy with the noise. A great "Bloop" to these ones. Some of my others are ok but dont make a noise like these.
  17. And a black hackled one with black and white legs...
  18. Thanks for the added info. Joe that type of foam is the same but different if that makes any sense. That stuff your talking about comes out already in the cream state. The stuff I am using is a liquid. The volume of my box is 2 litres so I mix up about 500ml(250 of each A and B ) as it expands to 4 times the volume of the liquid. I put the lid on and watch it rise like a cake. It gets hot while expanding. Takes about 5 mins to become solid. I usually pop the brick out about an hr after it has stopped expanding. Im not sure but I think you will find your foam is very low density but you can try it. You may get very uneven/big pours in the middle but I dont use that so not too sure. Heres one I have dressed up.
  19. Its very easy to get. Just do a search for high density polyurethane foam. Its used in boats for floatation.The higher the density the smaller the pours. I used 8lb which weighs 8lbs/cu ft Comes in two parts that need to be mixed. You need to figure out the volume of your "mold" so you know how much to mix. I use a tupperware box and spray it with a releasing agent which is basically a wax spray. I mix the two parts together with my drill and pour into the box. When cured you get a block of foam. Once you know how much to mix you can seal the box and get a nice tight grained foam much like the inside of crunchy chocolate bar. I then cut it up into strips. I use a lathe as I have one but I am sure a dremmel will do it as well. I like it because its strong and wont rot or get heavy if it soaks up any water. I tried basswood(which I found to be too heavy personally), balsa, cork, foam and find I like this stuff the best. I will put some photos up if anyone is interested. In reply to Stippled Poppers post-- Is there a reason you would want your popper to sit at an angle as opposed to sitting flat?
  20. I have been looking around for quite awhile gathering info on poppers. I have made some heads using 8lb density pour foam. After trying many of the standard materials I liked this one the best. Very strong, extremely light and easy to work with. These heads are set on a #2 Mustad Signature hook. I have some #4's drying right now. I guess you could say they are based on the Clouser EZ popper. I found that after a lot of testing these seemed to make the nicest noise and bubble trail. They sit lowish in the film. A bonus is that they also sit nice and horizontal even without dressing Heres a few pictures and hope to put more up when they are dressed up. If there is anything you see that I should do please give me your 2 cents
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