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  1. btw, the body is created using rubber bands, tied over a black thread wrap then clipped to fashion the shape of the caddis casing... thorax and bead head as you like it.
  2. Fly Tiers, here is a pattern that mimics the october caddis in it's larval stage. i discovered this pattern a long time ago in a newspaper article but have yet to tie it. naturally i've searched online for the BH Rock Roller but found nothing so far. i wonder if anyone has created a similar pattern? Does anyone know the specific tying recipe or a link to such? would anyone be interested in trying to copy this pattern? http://www.theworriedshrimp.com/bhrockroller.html
  3. "Looks almost identical to the Epoxy Miracle." yes it does! i'll have to try the fry in polar fibre... and smaller... even down to size #12 ? it's worth a try. cheers, tws
  4. I've included another post which details the steps for tying this fry pattern. check it out @ http://www.theworriedshrimp.com/theworriedshrimp.html cheers, tws
  5. In anticipation of warmer spring weather I've tied up a few minnows. Some with lead wire wraps some without. panfish... maybe. swiftwater smallmouth probably. trout? not so sure. http://www.theworriedshrimp.com/theworriedshrimp.html cheers, tws
  6. thanks everyone for the recommendations... I've had a look at the mustad 3366 and think it may be just right... the price certainly is! $3.65 per 100... i was looking at the Owner Mosquito Hooks sizes 6, 8, 10 on ebay not a bad price but a much shorter shank... thanks again! tws
  7. thanks deeky, you mentioned something i had not thought about. I'll keep it in mind and tie on a longer hook. tws
  8. greetings all, I'm interested in crafting some very small synthetic hair minnows for trout and panfish. I'd like to model these on the bob popovic's surf candy and use the exact or similar materials. see: http://flyfisherman.com/ftb/ejsurfcandy/ at any rate at this point i'am just mulling things over. I haven't yet aquired the synthetic hairs, flash or hooks. my question: what would be the correct - durable - style hook in size #6 to use? should it be a short shank? a salt water hook? bronze or stainless? i plan on making these minnows from 1 1/2 to 2 1/2 inches in length. thanks for any input. tws
  9. Thanks everyone for your excellent suggestions... i've had a look at cabela's and they always offer a realistic price. will check on the targus hooks... just got some dai-riki (50 per) hooks today at my local fly shop. i've used mustad hooks in the past and had good luck with them. thanks again for this fine forum. tws
  10. Fly tiers... I'm gearing up to tie a few steelhead flies (nymphs) in sizes 6, 8, 10, and prehaps 12's I've not tied steelhead flies before, hence a novice who wishes to use these on my local river the rogue. pheasant tail nymphs prince nymphs copper johns and otis bugs my question regards hook, style and brand. i've found mustad (so far) to be the most reasonable per the hundred @ hook&hackle so my question is what mustad version would best suit the patterns i wish to tie? 3906b (1x long) tde standard heavy sizes 4 to 18 per100 $8.55 3906 tde standard heavy sizes 4 to 18 per100 $7.40 3399 tde standard sizes 2 to 16 per100 $4.15 conversely, what other brand might be comparable and close in price? If anyone has dealt with this hook selection process for these type patterns I would very much appreciate your input. especially if you know another outlet with a good price on hooks. thanks! tws
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